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Online Verbal reasoning tests are used by many employers as a tool to assess a candidate’s ability to perform the role competently. Get INSTANT ACCESS NOW to 100s of online verbal reasoning test questions.



Verbal reasoning test are specifically designed to assess a candidate's ability to reason with words or passages and their understanding of written information which is presented before them.

Online verbal reasoning tests can and do come in different forms. The type of test now being used by employers whilst assessing candidates for different jobs are usually Verbal Comprehension tests where you are required to read a passage of text before answering questions stating that the statement is either TRUE, FALSE, or IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY based on the information provided.

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The problem with the Verbal Comprehension form of assessment is that many people answer the questions based on their knowledge of the subject matter being presented in the passage of text, as opposed to answering the question based solely on the information that is provided. When answering questions of this nature you should follow these tips:

TEST TIP 1 - Make sure you read the passage quickly to gain an understanding of what is being presented.

TEST TIP 2 - Once you have read the verbal comprehension passage quickly you should read the first question containing the statement. The key is to then refer back to the passage and locate ‘keywords’ and ‘phrases’ from the statement in the passage. This will save valuable time and will prevent you from having to re-read the entire passage again in order to locate the specific element of the text.

TEST TIP 3 - Once you have located the portion of the comprehension passage that refers to the question you can then decide whether or not the answer is TRUE, FALSE, or CANNOT SAY based on the information provided. One of the most effective ways to prepare for this type of test is to carry out lots of online verbal reasoning test under strict timed conditions. Because the tests themselves are guaranteed to be timed, it is very important you practice under a timed environment.

When preparing for verbal reasoning tests we advise that you spend plenty of time trying out sample test questions. By following this advice you will be greatly improving both your ability to answer the questions and also your levels of confidence.

To begin with, let us take a look at more simple form of verbal reasoning test. There are 5 questions in this short test; see how you get on.


Question 1

Which one of the following words relates to the other four?

A. Barbeque

B. Stove

C. Sausages

D. Burger

E. Cooking

Question 2

Which one of the following words relates to the other four?

A. Television

B. Acting

C. Entertainment

D. Gig

E. Theatre

Question 3

Which one of the following words relates to the other four?

A. Running

B. Fitness

C. Swimming

D. Cycling

E. Rowing

Question 4

Which one word inside the brackets will not go with the word outside of the bracket?

Ant (

acid     agonise     eater     implode     hem

Question 5

Which one word inside the brackets will not go with the word outside of the bracket?

Tin (

stone     well     man     smith     foil


1. E

2. C

3. B

4. Implode

5. Well

Online Verbal reasoning tests are used by many employers as a tool to assess a candidate’s ability to perform the role competently. There are many books available that will assist you in your preparation for these tests but the most effective way to prepare is by carrying out timed tests online. Not only do online tests save you time and hassle but they are also far more accurate in assessing your ability. They are also a fantastic tool for helping you to improve.

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