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When you apply to join the Police in the United States, you will be required to first sit an entrance test known as the Police Officer Exam. Depending on which police department you apply to , the entrance exam may slightly differ. However, a number of cores subjects will be assessed regardless of the location. The tests will focus on your memory, your numerical reasoning ability, how well you can understand written information and recognise discrepancies or differences in complex shapes or objects. You are likely to also face questions in regards to following procedures.

For the best chance of success, you will need to practice lots and play to your strengths. If your memory ability, is stronger than your maths or non-verbal skills, focus your best efforts on these questions. You can go back to any questions If you have time available. However, if you are spending more than a minute to answer a question, you are better off taking an educated guess and moving on to the next question.


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The Police Exam is separated into a number of different tests:


The US POLICE OFFICER EXAM, sometimes referred to as POST, include: Numerical Reasoning Tests (Maths), Understanding Information, Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests (Problem Solving), and Logical Reasoning (Critical Thinking), Memory Tests, Report structuring and more.

Please note: There are a number of different variations of the test, which will depend on the police department you are applying to, so please check what is included In the test subject you will sit as part of your exam.

US police officer exam


One of the subjects included with the US Police Officer Exam is understanding .During this part of the test you will be presented with a passage of information and you will be expected to answer a number of questions based on what is in the passage. Focus and attention to detail are vital skills when answering these types of questions. Other parts of this subject may deduct an answer using probability and averages to figure out the most likely answer.

Non-Verbal/Inductive Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning is a type of logical ability test, usually using shapes and patterns to make questions that test your general logical ability and intelligence. By assessing your ability to recognise abstract patterns quickly and accurately, the Police Officer Exam logical tests examine your logical and analytical and deductive skills.

Aptitude Tests Non-Verbal Reasoning What to Expect
pass the US police exam


This test will assess your ability of retaining information based on what you have seen in an image. You will study the image for a period of time set by the exam. Once the image disappears you will then be asked a number of questions about what you have seen in the image. This test assesses your focus, attention to detail and concentration abilities.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is one of the most popular test types and is used regular in the Polic Officer Exam. This assesses candidates’ mathematical ability and will vary in difficulty from question to question. This will evaluate your capacity to comprehend and interpret numerical data presented in tables or graphs. This test consists of 12 questions divided into four sections, each with a time constraint. You can also expect other numerical based questions such as percentages, calculation and Speed, Distance and Time.

Aptitude Tests Numerial Reasoning What to Expect

Example US Police Officer Exam Questions


Numerical Reasoning

Q. If you were to purchase 3 Bananas and 10 apples using a $20 bill, what percentage of your money will you spend?

Item Per Item Pack of 10
Apples $0.27 $2
Pears $0.40 $3
Bananas $0.35 $3
Peaches $0.50 $3.50

A. 10%

B. 20%

C. 25%

D. 15%

E. 5%

B. 20% miles

Explanation =

First, work out how much you spent: 3 x $0.35 = $1.05 and $3.

$1.05 + $3 = $4.05

Next, the calculation to work out the percentage is a simple one:

Percentage= (Value/Total Value)×100

4.05 / 20 = 0.20

0.20 x 100 = 20

Therefore, the answer is 20%.


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Verbal Reasoning

Q. Read the below passage carefully and answer True, False, or Impossible To Say, based on the statements made.

The below passage is a statement from a local newspaper:

A leading internet provider has said that the majority of its broadband and phone bills will raise by more than 10% during the first week of June. The internet provider has blamed a “huge increase” in data usage over recent years. Customers impacted by this decision will now be paying and additional £4.50 per month (a 10.4% increase) on average from 6th June. However, certain households on specific packages, and also those who are claiming benefits, will not see an increase yet.

Korn Ferry Talent Q Verbal Reasoning Question Sample

Korn Ferry Talent Q Verbal Reasoning Question Sample Answer

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Non-Verbal Reasoning

Complete the sequence by identifying the moving objects:

Non-Verbal Sample Question

B. Explanation = The middle square alternates between being at the top and bottom of the figure


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Memory test

  1. How many trees are visible by the children’s play area?
  2. How many cars are visible in the picture?

Question 1 Answer = 2 Trees. You can see in the picture that there are two trees situated in the children’s play area. (Please note in the actual test, you will only see the questions after the image has disappeared from the screen).

Question 2 Answer = 3 Cars. The image demonstrates that there are three cars in the picture. (Please note in the actual test, you will only see the questions after the image has disappeared from the screen).


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Read the following passage carefully, then answer the proceeding four questions on the following pages, based solely on the information in the passage.

Police Officers Rockwell and Graves were working their 7am to 3pm patrol shift on Friday, March 23. At 11:30am, they received instructions from the radio dispatcher to respond to a robbery on 52nd Street. As they arrived at the scene of the crime, they found Tariq Anderson, a 20-year-old Asian male. Tariq was the victim of the robbery, as he’d had his backpack stolen. Tariq had called 911 on his cell phone after the thief had stolen the bag. The bag had contained his laptop, Law textbooks, and a lunchbox.

Tariq had been walking to college for a class at 12:00pm, when he had stopped for a moment to tie up his shoelaces. He removed his backpack from his back before kneeling down to tie up the laces on his sneakers, when the thief ran past, grabbed the bag, and then turned left on the corner at the end of the block. Tariq attempted to chase the thief, but with his shoelaces untied, he tripped over and was unable to continue running. It was at this point that he called 911.

After taking a report from Tariq, officers Rockwell and Graves began to ask potential witnesses on the street if they had seen anything, such as a local shopkeeper, John Redman. Mr Redman said he had not seen the robbery take place, but said he had witnessed a similar incident at around midday two days before. Graves and Rockwell could not find any evidence that this previous crime had been reported, but Mr Redman insisted that he had seen a white male in a blue, hooded sweater steal a handbag from a lady as she stopped to cross at the lights. After conferring with Tariq, he said that he remembered that the person who robbed him was also wearing a blue hoodie.

1. Which of the following items was not in Tariq’s backpack?

  1. Laptop.

  2. Cell phone.

  3. Lunchbox.

  4. Textbooks.

2. On which day had Mr Redman witnessed a woman having her handbag stolen?

a. Wednesday.

b. Thursday.

c. Saturday.

d. Monday.

  1. b = Cell phone.

    Explanation = The final line of the first paragraph states that the bag contained Tariq’s laptop, Law textbooks, and lunchbox. Therefore, the only answer option left is his cell phone.

  2. a = Wednesday. Explanation = This incident has occurred on Friday. On the same day, officers Rockwell and Graves questioned Mr Redman as a witness. Mr Redman states that he had seen a similar incident occur two days before. Two days prior to Friday is Wednesday.


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Non-Verbal Reasoning

Which of the answer options is the correct net to make the cube?

Spatial Reasoning Sample Question

Answer = A. Tip: when practicing these types of questions at home, print off the cube net and then fold it together, this will allow you to see the correct answer option. Once you have practiced this a few times you will be better at visualizing cube nets and faster at answers the questions.


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How Do I Prepare For The US Police Officer Exam?

If you are going to be successful in your application to become a US Police Officer. you will definitely be required to pass the challenging police officer exam.

You must do the following to guarantee that your preparation is correct and relevant:

  1. Get to know the test, how it’s structured, and what it’s requiring from you for before taking it.
  2. Make use of test practice materials that will allow you to effectively prepare for the assessment.

Is the Police Officer Exam Hard?

The exam can be difficult, but because they are adaptive, the difficulty of the questions will change as you progress. For a variety of reasons, it is critical to prepare for the test:

  1. Firstly, competition is tough. You’ll be competing against high-achieving candidates and you MUST standout. You can achieve that by getting the edge and researching the questions you’ll face and getting plenty of practice in beforehand.
  2. The questions are designed to be challenging. The test is used by ALL United States Police Departments, so you will need to pass this test to recognize your dream to become a police officer in the United States.
  3. Don’t be fooled by some some of the ‘simpler-looking questions”! Some of the questions may look deceptively basic, but working under time restrictions can cause even the most composed candidates to become stressed and make mistakes. Please also bear in mind that during the test you will have 120 minutes to complete the 55 questions. Even though this is two minutes a question, some of the more difficult questions may take over four minutes to answer, so it is vital you are fully prepared!

Can You Fail the Police Officer Exam?

Candidates will be expected to achieve a score higher than 70% to progress to the latter stages of the recruitment process!

How Do I Pass The Police Officer Exam?

The most important piece of advice we can provide you is to use a practise resource that covers a wide range of question types to ensure that you are prepared for the same assessable topics and question types that your employer uses. If you want to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your aptitude test, download the 1000 Police Officer Exam practice test questions and answers package from this page, which will help you with all of the strategies stated above as well as the assessable traits listed on this page.

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