Medway 11 PLUS TEST

Learn how to pass the Medway Test with this ultimate download guide for you and your child. Packed full of practice questions and answers; this comprehensive guide has been specifically designed to help prepare your child for the Medway 11 Plus.

This 165-page comprehensive revision guide will ensure that your child is 100% prepared for the Medway 11+ (CEM).

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The Medway Test is foremost, an assessment to determine whether grammar school education is suitable for pupils who sit the exam.

This guide, created by How2Become – the UK’s leading Medway Test publisher, provides a guide packed full of hundreds of practice test questions and answers, detailed explanations and insider advice that will help you and your child fully prepare, and give them the best chance of passing the Medway 11 Plus in 2021.


The Medway 11 plus papers are supplied by CEM (Children’s Education Material) which aim to:

  • Ensure students have an equal chance of passing the Medway Test.
  • Provide a challenging new test that assesses student’s literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills.
  • Assess how students perform to the challenges and skills of numerical, literary and reasoning ability.
  • Ensure students who are thinking of applying to grammar schools are rightly suitable and capable;
  • Demonstrate the expectations of grammar school requirements.


The Medway Test is split into three sections; Extended Writing, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

Medway Test – Extended Writing

  • The extended writing question equates to 40% of the total mark.
  • This section of the exam takes 50 minutes and it is recommended that pupils set aside 10 minutes of that time for planning.

Medway Test – Maths

  • The maths section equates to 40% of the total mark.
  • This section of the test takes 50 minutes to complete.

Medway Test – Verbal Reasoning

  • The verbal reasoning section accounts for 20% of the total mark.
  • This part of the test takes 50 minutes to complete.
11 Plus Medway Extended Writing

Extended Writing Sample Question

Extended Writing Topic

Write a short story about getting lost whilst on holiday. In your story, you should include the following:

  • A conversation between yourself and a new friend.
  • A dangerous encounter.
  • Your experience on the journey.
  • What type of food you ate.
  • How you escaped from danger.
  • How your parents reacted when you returned home.
11 Plus Medway Maths

MATHS Sample QuestionS


Q1. Add 15.09 and 6.85

A: 20.84

B: 21.7

C: 21.94

D: 22.34

Q2. Study the line graph below.

Medway Test Maths Question

Which two consecutive months has the largest difference in temperature?

A: July and August

B: April and June

C: April and May

D: September and October

Answers & Explanations

Q1. C is the correct answer, 21.94.

15.09 + 6.85 = 21.94

Q2. C is the correct answer, April and May.

11 Plus Medway Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning SAMPLE QuestionS


Q1. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to – ‘desire’?

A: Achieve

B: Wish

C: Get

D: Determine

Q2. Which of the following words contains the most vowels?

A: Reason

B: Combine

C: Vegetables

D: Audacious

Answers & Explanations

Q1. B is the correct answer, wish.

Desire has the closest meaning to wish. If you desire something, you wish for it.

Q2. D is the correct answer, audaciously.

The word ‘audaciously’ contains six vowels. None of the other answer options contains more vowels.

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The MEDWAY Test workbook contains:

  • COMPLETE REVISION PREPARATION for your child’s Medway 11+ examination, including the question types they will face, how to answer the questions, the scoring criteria, and over 180 practice questions;
  • 90 PRACTICE MATHS QUESTIONS – enhance your child’s numerical ability, and score high in their exam;
  • 90 PRACTICE VERBAL REASONING QUESTIONS from word puzzles to comprehension and reading, this is the most comprehensive practice resource available;
  • A FULL GUIDE on how to approach the Medway 11+ extended writing assessment. With tips on language, dialogue, and more, this is the best possible resource to help your child improve their writing skills;
  • Detailed explanations and answers to EVERY SINGLE question. We’ve gone all out to provide your child with the most detailed answers possible – to help them understand where they can improve.


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