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Every year throughout the country Year 6 pupils and their parents will need to  decide where they wish to continue their education. Choosing the right secondary school will have a massive impact on the rest of their academic life, and therefore this choice needs to be the right one for you and most importantly, your child.

The first big decision you and your child will need to make is whether or not you wish to obtain grammar school education. If you want to apply for a grammar school placement, then there are a few things that you will need to know.

This FREE resource page will guide you through the process of applying to a grammar school in the Medway area along with some frequently asked questions This resource was created to answer some of the most common questions concerning the Medway Test, in the hope to make the transition from primary to grammar school much, much easier.

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Medway Grammar School Entry Test Information

What is the Medway 11 Plus?

If you and your child wish to apply to a grammar school situated in the Medway area, then they will be need to sit the Medway grammar school entry test.

This 11+ assessment is taken by pupils in their final year of primary school (Year 6 in England) to gain a placement in a grammar school.

The Medway 11 plus is an examination used to filter through students who show the skills and qualities required for a grammar school placement.

By using an entry exam, this allows grammar schools to implement a thorough selection process, and discover which students meet the requirements of a grammar school pupil.

The exam is made up of the following assessments:

  • Extended Writing
  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning

The Maths and Verbal Reasoning exams are multiple-choice and will assess different skills and qualities for each area of the assessment.

Extended Writing

The Extended Writing assessment accounts for 40% of your child’s total mark.


The Maths exam is multiple choice and accounts for 40% of your child’s total mark.

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning exam is multiple choice and accounts for 20% of your child’s total mark.

Medway Test Practice Papers

If your child passes the Medway 11+ exam, any grammar school in the area will consider your child’s application.

However, just because your child has passed the exam, does not automatically guarantee them a place at their chosen grammar school.

You should consider the following when applying to grammar schools:

  • How close do you live to the selected school?
  • What are the school’s minimum admission requirements?
  • Do any of their siblings attend the same school?

The 11+ exam is not to be taken light-heartedly. Of course, the complexity of the assessment will depend on a number of things:

  • Has your child prepared for each section of the test?
  • Have you ensured that your child is feeling confident about the exam?
  • Do you know what to expect before, during and after the test?

As with any exam, there is a great deal of pressure to do well. The 11 plus exam is specifically designed for Medway grammar schools in hope to find intelligent and creative children.

The assessment has undergone various changes in the last few years, and now has more of a focus on literacy than ever, accounting for 60% of the total score.

Medway Test CEM

There are six grammar schools in the Medway area. They are as follows:

  • Chatham Grammar School for Girls
  • The Rochester Grammar School
  • Holcombe Grammar School
  • Rainham Mark Grammar School
  • Sir Joseph Wiliamson’s Mathematical School
  • Fort Pitt Grammar School
How to register for the Medway Test

It’s relatively easy to register your child for the Medway Test. Just visit the Medway council website for details.

The most important things you need to remember regarding the Medway 11 Plus are these important dates.

Be sure to make a note of these:

3rd June 2020 – Registration opens

1st July 2020 – Registration closes

17th September 2020 – Students within Medway sit the exam

21st September 2020 – Students outside of Medway sit the exam

7th October 2020 – Results are published

There are cases whereby pupils narrowly miss out on their preferred grammar school placement. If you can site viable reasons, then you may be able to appeal the result.

Viable reasons for a Grammar School appeal:

  • Your child passed the assessment, but the grammar school is full;
  • The grammar school is full and your child did not pass the assessment;
  • Your child has not passed the assessment, but the grammar school has places available.

If you are unhappy with the school(s) that have been offered to your child, you do have the right to appeal against this. You will be able to appeal for any of the school(s) you listed on your application.

For details on the process of appealing your child’s school, visit the Medway council website.

As mentioned earlier, there are three parts to the grammar school entry assessment.

Your child will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Extended Writing
  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning

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The below videos have been created to help your child revise each of the testing areas in the Medway 11 Plus exam; Extended Writing, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.