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Every child should be equipped with the best resources to enhance their learning. Complementing classroom learning and exam preparation, our KS3 Reading guide (The Basics) will provide you and your child with the key information and reading skills they will need to know in order to achieve high scores.

Invest in your child’s future today and you will see a huge increase in their knowledge and ability regarding English, Comprehension and Reading ability.

Making sure your child’s reading ability is the best it can be!

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English is important, not just for education, but in a wider context. Every day we use different forms of English. Whether that be speaking, or writing, or reading something… this is all English. We are oblivious to this, because it is something that comes naturally to us now, but how do you suppose your English improved? Simple – from learning the basics and improving your knowledge!

Children are at that crucial age where they are impressionable and continuously learning new things. It is important that we drill in this idea about the importance of the English language and how this will shape their everyday lives.


The fundamental aims of the English subject include:.

  • To read with ease and fluency;
  • Understand the importance of the English Language;
  • Allowing children to read for both education and entertainment in order to improve their reading ability;
  • Allow them to think creatively when it comes to writing;
  • Improve children’s vocabulary in order to enhance their English ability;
  • Acquire strong knowledge regarding different ways in which a person can communicate via the English language;
  • Improve children’s confidence in their English abilities, allowing them to become competent in the English Language via verbal and written communication.

When it comes to Key Stage 3 English, children will be assessed on an array of different areas.

There are four main areas which are a focal point during Key Stage 3 English:

  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling;
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spoken English

These four key areas are not only significant to the English subject, but also play a huge role in all other aspects of education. Not only that, but the English subject will prove invaluable for wider context, including social situations and the wider world.


Reading skills form the very basic skills that every person should obtain from an early age.

Reading is a great way for students to read for pleasure as well as for information. The ability to read is necessary across other school subjects, too, and therefore it is important that students are able to read fluently and effectively.


Below is a detailed breakdown of how reading is assessed during the Key Stage 3 English assessments. Use this as a guideline to understand how to improve your child’s learning, and what areas to focus on.

breadkdown of ks3 reading


The first important thing you need to understand is how to read a text in order to get the most out of each reading.

There are several ways in which you can read a text, and each method should allow you to read the text in a different way.


A good technique to get to grips with is skim reading.

This method involves rapid eye movement across the text, which allows you to understand the KEY ideas about what the passage is about.


Another way you can read a text is by SCANNING.

Scanning a text is when you cover a great deal of material in order to locate specific information.
If you are trying to look for specific key words or phrases, the best way to do this is let your eyes wander over the text and keep a LOOKOUT for what you are trying to find.


Close reading is probably what everyone is familiar with.

This involves reading a text (like a book, newspaper article or exam paper) in detail to ensure you don’t miss anything.

This means you have to focus on all of the grammar and punctuation used. You should also pay attention to sentence structure, conjunctive words and how phrases are used to convey meaning.


This guide focuses specifically on the Key Stage 3 Reading (The Basics). This guide will focus on all of the basics that every child will need to know to ensure top marks across their reading assessments.

By the end of this guide, you will have a strong knowledge regarding the following:

Skimming, scanning and close readings Point, Evidence, Explanation (P.E.E) Knowing the key terms
Audience Purpose Context
Language Characters Narrative
Structure Comparing texts Introduction to Shakespeare
KS3 English is Easy Reading The Basics Download
Download now


  • Revision guide for Reading (The basics) – this revision guide focuses specifically on reading and how to successfully improve your reading skills.
  • A breakdown of the National Curriculum – this guide is useful for parents who want to learn more about what their child will be learning during Key Stage 3, and how they will be assessed.
  • A glossary – of all the key terms that your child will need to learn in order to do well in any English assessment.
  • Detailed example questions – this guide contains detailed example questions which show you all of the key information your child will need to learn for their KS3 English assessments.
  • Answers to every question – we have provided all of the answers, so you and your child can work through the booklet together and see which questions they are getting right and which ones they need to work on.
  • Interactive – this revision guide continuously gets your child’s mind working in different ways to understand the basics of reading and critical analysis. There is lots of space for children to write their answers and fill in their guide!


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