KS3 Maths is Easy Foundation Tier Practice Papers

An in-depth revision guide for the new KS3 Maths curriculum. Learn how to pass your Maths exams with confidence and ease! Dive straight into revision with the help of our revision practice papers. The only way a child can be fully prepared for their Maths exam, or any exam for that matter, is through practising! That is why, here at How2Become, we have created a replica of exam papers, to aid your child’s learning and make the most out of their revision!

KS3 Maths is Easy Foundation Tier Practice Papers Download
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KEY STAGE 3: Maths Is Easy – Practice Papers (Foundation)

Making Education Fun

Every child embarks on a journey of learning. How much a child wants to learn is ultimately down to them, but as a parent, it is your job to instil the importance of education. Not all education is boring. In fact, if the materials and learning resources are created with children in mind, it can be fun and intriguing. How2Become create revision guides with the hope to make learning more enjoyable. The fact that these guides will often be used outside of the classroom, means that we must find a way to make children want to learn even when they are not at school.

KS3 Practice Papers

Within this guide, we have created two sets of practice papers. Each set consists of the following:

  • 1 x Arithmetic paper;
  • 1 x Non-Calculator paper;
  • 1 x Calculator paper.

That means, this comprehensive guide includes 6 whole testing papers. What’s more, is that this revision guide comes with all the answers and mark schemes to assess progression and development. Within your guide, you will have practice questions on the following areas:  

Factors Multiples Prime Numbers Decimals Fractions
Percentages Ratio Proportion Algebra Rates of Change
Scales and Maps Converting Measurements Perimeters Areas Volumes
2D and 3D shapes Charts and Diagrams Averages Probability Angles


Within this series of revision guides, we have also created six other Maths guides, each with a specific focus. Below I have listed the names of our other books: • KS3 Maths Numbers and Calculations; • KS3 Maths Probability and Statistics; • KS3 Maths Geometry and Measures; • KS3 Maths Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of Change; • KS3 Maths Working with Algebra; • KS3 Maths Practice Papers (Higher Tier).

 Key Stage 3 Maths Is Easy – Practice Papers is a new revision tool for the current national curriculum.

With this guide comes great preparation for children aged 11-14. Packed full of practice questions, this guide will no doubt improve your child’s learning and ultimately increase their classroom learning.

This guide is packed full of detailed information, ample sample questions and top tips and advice regarding the Maths KS3 curriculum.


Below is a list of numbers.

  1. Which two numbers have a difference of 66?
  2. Which three numbers can be added together to equal 90?

Which of the following equals 570 to the nearest 10?

  • 578
  • 579
  • 575
  • 573

For the following statements, circle whether they are true or false. a) A quadrilateral will ALWAYS have one angle less than or equal to 90˚. TRUE    /    FALSE b) A square is the only quadrilateral to have four 90˚ angles? TRUE    /    FALSE c) A trapezium has no rotational symmetry. TRUE    /    FALSE

Solve the simultaneous equation: 4x + 2y = 22 6x – 2y = 28

ANSWER TO QUESTION 1 a) 32 and 98 b) 15, 45 and 30



  • If you rounded 573 to the nearest 10, you would get 570.
  • All the other numbers rounded to the nearest 10 would be 580.


a) True

b) False

c) True

ANSWER TO QUESTION 4 x = 5 and y = 1

  • Eliminate y = 10x = 50
  • x = 5
  • (4 x 5) + 2y = 22
  • 22 ) + (2 x 1) = 22


All it takes is a little bit of time and practice!

Achieve 100%!

A Child’s Limits are Endless! We all want the best for our children. Their lives are being shaped right now, and it is up to you to encourage and push them in the right direction! When it comes to education, a child’s learning extends beyond the classroom. The opportunity arises for you to provide your child with the ultimate resources to use at home. With the help of all seven of our guides, your child will be fully prepared for every topic in regards to their Maths exam. Our practice papers guide is packed full of testing questions, carefully created to mimic exam style. Not only is knowledge important, but allowing your child to revise in a way that is like an actual exam, will help them to improve their time management and confidence.

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KS3 Maths is Easy Foundation Tier Practice Papers Download
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  • A guide worth every penny! – This guide provides two FULL sets of practice papers. Each set comprises an Arithmetic, Calculator, and Non-Calculator paper.
  • Guidance for parents – every parent will get the chance to read some insightful information in regards to the Maths exam, and how they should help their child through their revision time, all the way up to the exam.
  • Instructions for papers – this guide comes with instructions on how to work through each of the testing papers. This will ultimately improve your child’s knowledge in regards to exam structure.
  • Similar style to the real thing – this guide has been carefully designed with exams in mind. We have done our utmost to ensure your child’s guide closely mimics their exam; just to give them that extra insight into how they will be assessed.
  • Answers to every question – we have provided all the answers, so you and your child can work through the booklet together, and see which questions they are getting right and which ones they need to work on.
  • Testing questions from all topics – this guide is packed full of testing questions, ranging from numbers and calculations, to data and statistics.


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KS3 Maths is Easy Foundation Tier Practice Papers Download
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KS3 Maths is Easy Foundation Tier Practice Papers Download

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