KS3 Maths is Easy Higher Tier Practice Papers

A revision guide to help you prepare for your Maths assessments. Learn how to pass the Higher papers for KS3 Maths.

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Learn how to pass the KS3 Maths Higher papers with the help of this in-depth practice papers guide. Your child can breeze through their Maths exams with expert tuition.

Here at How2Become, we pride ourselves on our easy-to-read, interactive revision guides which allows children to make the most out of their learning. This guide is ideal for anyone who wants to practice exam-styled questions to a higher tier level.

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KEY STAGE 3: Maths Is Easy

Practice Papers (HIGHER)

The Importance of Maths

The subject of Maths is part of the National Curriculum, meaning that every student must study Maths to at least GCSE level.

Of course, Maths is a vital aspect, not just in education, but in our daily lives. It allows us to perform basic mathematical calculations such as working out tax, working out our expenses, and a whole range of other things!

That is why, here at How2Become, we create revision guides that allows students to revise Maths in a fun and interactive way. Our guides are carefully designed so that children make the most out of their learning.

We as educational experts can only do so much to help your child excel in their studies. Ultimately, it is down to your child and whether or not they want to learn. But, with the help of our Maths is Easy revision guides, we are sure that your child will increase their knowledge, for both the classroom and their exams.

KS3 Practice Papers (Higher Tier)

Within this guide, we have created two sets of practice papers. These practice papers have been designed at a Higher Tier level.

Within the guide, you will be provided with:

  • 2 x Arithmetic papers;
  • 2 x Non-Calculator papers;
  • 2 x Calculator papers.

At a great, affordable price, your child will be provided with six testing papers. This will provide your child with in-depth revision resources, and allow your child to practice questions similar to that of their real assessments.

Not only is this guide complete with TWO whole mock tests, but we have also created detailed answers alongside a mark scheme, to ensure your child makes the most out of their revision.

Within your guide, you will have practice questions on the following areas:

Factors Multiples Prime Numbers Decimals Fractions
Percentages Ratio Proportion Algebra Rates of Change
Scales and Maps Converting Measurements Perimeters Areas Volumes
2D and 3D shapes Charts and Diagrams Averages Probability Angles
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Within this series of revision guides, we have also created six other Maths guides, each with a specific focus.

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 Key Stage 3 Maths Is Easy – Practice Papers is a new revision tool for the current national curriculum.

With this guide comes great preparation for children aged 11-14. Packed full of practice questions, this guide will no doubt improve your child’s learning and ultimately increase their classroom learning.

This guide is packed full of detailed information, ample sample questions and top tips and advice regarding the Maths KS3 curriculum.


Question 1

Below is a diagram of a square and rectangle. Work out which equation corresponds Shape A with Shape B.

A = Area A < Area B and Perimeter A = Perimeter B

B = Area A = Area B and Perimeter A = Perimeter B

C = Area A > Area B and Perimeter A > Perimeter B

D = Area A > Area B and Perimeter A = Perimeter B

E = Area A < Area B and Perimeter A < Perimeter B

Question 2

If a = 6 and b = 7, work out the answer to the equation. Write your answer in the box on the balance bar.

Question 3

Below is a circle.

a) What is the mathematical term for line ab?

b) What is the mathematical term for the shaded part of the circle?

Question 4

Factorise: 4ab – 8a2



D = Area A > Area B and Perimeter A = Perimeter B

  • Shape A area = 900 m
  • Shape A perimeter = 120 m
  • Shape B area = 800 m
  • Shape B perimeter = 120 m



  • 4 x 6 = 24
  • 6 x 7 = 42
  • 24 + 42 = 66


  1. Tangent 
  2. Segment


4a(b – 2a)

  • The common factor between 4 and 8 is 4. Both parts of the expression also has the term a in common too.
  • So 4a will be positioned outside of the bracket.
  • Using 4a, you will be able to work out what numbers and terms will be placed inside of the brackets.

d) The corners of a shape are also called vertices. 


All it takes is a little bit of time and practice!

Achieve 100%!

A Child’s Learning is Never-Ending!

Learning is never-ending! The possibilities of learning are endless. Even as adults, we continue to learn something new all the time! Thus, it’s important that your child makes the most out of education. This is a crucial time; a time that allows them to spend as much time as they want learning!

Of course, children are sent to school to learn. However, their learning does not have to end there. They can continue their learning and enhance their knowledge with the help of our SEVEN revision guides for KS3 Maths.

Ensure your child is fully prepared for success by improving their mathematical knowledge. Each guide has been broken down into different aspects, which allows them to make the most out of their learning experience.

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KS3 Maths is Easy Higher Tier Practice Papers Download
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  • A guide worth every penny! – This guide provides two FULL sets of practice papers. Each set comprises an Arithmetic, Calculator, and Non-Calculator paper.
  • Guidance for parents – every parent will get the chance to read some insightful information in regards to the Maths exam, and how they should help their child through their revision time, all the way up to the exam.
  • Instructions for papers – this guide comes with instructions on how to work through each of the testing papers. This will ultimately improve your child’s knowledge in regards to exam structure.
  • Similar style to the real thing – this guide has been carefully designed with exams in mind. We have done our utmost to ensure your child’s guide closely mimics their exam; just to give them that extra insight into how they will be assessed.
  • Answers to every question – we have provided all the answers, so you and your child can work through the booklet together, and see which questions they are getting right and which ones they need to work on.
  • Testing questions from all topics – this guide is packed full of testing questions, ranging from numbers and calculations, to data and statistics.


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