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The Metropolitan Police are one of the most respected organisations in the UK, and are by far the biggest police employer in the United Kingdom. With this in mind, the competition to join the MET Police is extremely fierce. There are thousands of other people in the UK who will be applying for the exact same position as you, and that means you need to put yourself ahead of these people, and make your qualities stand out.

Our Metropolitan Police seminar will give you all the information you need regarding the selection process, the assessments, and how you can prepare yourself for the tests.

MET Police Careers Seminar in London
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The MET Police ‘Day 1’ assessment is designed so that 50% of candidates FAIL. Those that fail have to wait 6 months before they can re-apply. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you pass your ‘Day 1’ on your first attempt. This is why we have set up this dedicated, 3-hour MET Police careers seminar in the heart of London, delivered by former MET Police recruitment trainer David Bebb, who has 30 years of experience in the Police.


Metropolitan Police Recruitment Expert Dave Bebb

‘I’m proud to say I worked for the Metropolitan Police Service for 30 years. During that long career, I performed several varied and interesting roles. One of these was in its recruitment branch. I worked there for several years as a recruiter and specialist trainer. As an expert in police assessment centres my main role was to write and deliver ‘Pre-Assessment Centre Workshops’ to certain candidates. The MET ran these courses for a simple but very good reason – those that attended had a significantly better chance of passing their ‘Day 1’ than those who didn’t. This seminar has been curated to achieve even better results and will give you a fantastic overview of your ‘Day 1’ with the Metropolitan Police. 

I look forward to seeing you at our next seminar.’

David Bebb

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To become a MET police officer, you MUST pass the Metropolitan Police recruitment process. This comprises of the following stages: eligibility and application form, the MET Police assessment day and the interview.

In the next month, the UK government has announced plans to launch an enormous new police recruitment drive – with the MET at the heart of this. Up to 20,000 new police officers in total will be recruited. So, this is a huge opportunity for anyone who has aspirations to join the UK Police. There’s no better time to apply, so book your seminar today!


MET Police Application and Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the MET Police, you must have: 

  • A level 2 qualification in English Language at a GCSE grade C or higher;
  • Resided in the United Kingdom for a minimum of three years prior to applying;
  • No tattoos on your face, or on front or sides of your neck, and no tattoos which could be considered discriminatory or offensive;
  • Leave to enter or to remain in the UK for an indefinite period.

Candidates willing to join the MET Police must be 18 years or older, and you will also need to meet the physical and fitness requirements too.

TOP TIP: Applicants residing outside of the London area are now eligible to join the MET Police. 

The ‘Day 1’ Assessment Centre

‘Day 1’ is by far the hardest part of the whole selection process. It is difficult and certainly stressful, which is why many promising candidates fail it. Why? Simply, they’re going into the assessment centre blind! 

Our 3-hour MET Police careers seminar will give a fantastic overview of the whole day, including what to expect and how to acquire practice resources ahead of your ‘Day 1’.

  • Our trainer is an expert in this subject having written and delivered this type of seminar on behalf of the Metropolitan Police;
  • His pre-assessment centre workshop was proven to increase candidates’ scores at their ‘Day 1’, and increase their chances of becoming a MET police officer;
  • Every extra mark that you gain is crucial.

This seminar is also great even if you haven’t yet applied to join the MET police, but intend to in the near future. It will give you a great overview of what to expect once you have applied. Crucially it will identify the skills, competencies and values that you will be assessed on, well in advance of your ‘Day 1’ so that you have plenty of time to prepare.

For many candidates this seminar really will be the difference between joining the MET police or not. Book your place now and we’ll help you to land the career of your dreams.

Metropolitan Police Careers

Learn How to Pass the New MET Police Day 1 Assessment!

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What’s covered during the 3-hour seminar:

An Introduction to the MET Police Assessment Centre

An explanation of what the assessments are, why the MET Police use them, and how they link with the core competencies.

An in-depth explanation about the police video assessments, the type of things to look out for, and what kind of questions you can expect to answer.

Learn what to expect from the Police VR (virtual reality) exercise – one of the most complex and difficult assessments to master!

Get a complete overview of what to expect from the police role play.

Tips on how put yourself across in the best possible light, and why grammar and written structure matters to the Metropolitan Police!

Essential tips on how to ACE the MET Police interview, including the types of questions you’re likely to be asked, and how these link with the competencies and values!

Proven, award-winning strategies, to help you achieve the best possible score during your Metropolitan Police Assessment Centre!


  1. Attending seminars/courses of this type is proven to improve a candidate’s chances of passing their ‘Day 1’.
  2. A higher score at ‘Day 1’ is often what leads to police services inviting candidates to apply for the High Potential Development Scheme.
  3. Attendees’ knowledge, preparation and confidence levels will be improved.
  4. Attendees will be clear about what they have to do at the assessment.
  5. Our trainer has an excellent overall knowledge of the whole MET recruitment process.

This 3-hour seminar will allow you to gauge where you are in regards to your preparation for the MET assessment. You’ll receive expert advice from a former MET recruiter who will take you through the ‘Day 1’ step-by-step, and highlight areas that candidates frequently slip up on! So if you want an excellent, long-term career with a starting salary of around £30,000 come to this seminar . You will leave it just three hours later with more chance of becoming a Metropolitan Police Officer.


MET Police Recruitment Seminar Review

‘Everything I have now learnt will be instrumental and crucial to giving me the best possible chance of passing and obtaining my dream career. I cannot thank Dave and How2Become enough as now I feel ready to give my Day 1 Assessment everything I can.’

Nic West

MET Police Recruitment Seminar Review

‘If there is anyone out there thinking of joining the police and nervous about it this course is definitely for you and worth every penny spent you won’t have any regrets and a better view of what to expect.’

Poppy Safford

MET Police Recruitment Seminar Review

‘I am well and truly on my way to becoming a PC. If you are serious about becoming a Police Officer, I suggest you book yourself in ASAP. You WILL feel more confident walking into the assessment. Thank you Dave! I can now concentrate on the on the relevant material, and stop wasting valuable time.’

Hadi Abouoff

MET Police Recruitment Seminar Review

‘Dave has a wealth of knowledge and created a friendly, positive atmosphere. He was very friendly and his delivery was extremely professional. I have since passed my Day One assessment and am preparing for Day Two.’

Michael Kybaluk


Come on our 3-hour information packed seminar on a weekday evening in Central London and increase your chances of passing the MET police assessment centre!

If you use our expert’s tips, it’s probable that your overall percentage score will be improved. He is highly experienced, friendly and helpful. But most importantly, he has helped literally 1000s of people like yourself to pass their MET Police assessment day. Let him help you to fulfil your ambition of becoming a police officer.

MET Police Assessment Day Seminar Review


  1. We’ve run 60-courses a year, for the last 14 years, all dedicated to helping 1000s of students like you to join the Metropolitan Police;
  2. The seminar is presented by Dave Bebb, an expert in police assessment centres, whose main role was to write and deliver ‘pre-assessment centre workshops’ on behalf of the Metropolitan Police service;
  3. As an aspiring MET police officer, you probably know a lot of people who have failed during their application process. You don’t want to be one of them for the sake of the small fee to attend this seminar;
  4. You’ll be given a clear indication of what you have to do at the every single stage of the assessment;
  5. You’ll get useful tips about how you can easily improve your assessment centre performance;
  6. Our feedback for this seminar has been phenomenal, just take a look at some of the reviews on our TrustPilot, with an average score of 4.7/5;
  7. After the seminar is over, you’ll be given some free practice resources to further your ‘Day 1’ preparation.


The power of this MET Police careers seminar cannot be emphasised enough. This 3-hour seminar is statistically proven to add on average 5% to 6% to attendees scores, which as you know is hugely significant, considering every single mark at the assessment centre counts!

Until very recently only applicants residing in the London area would be accepted to join the MET Police. However, this restriction was been temporarily lifted and now residents outside of London can apply to join the Metropolitan Police.

Along with the Metropolitan Police, South Wales, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley and West Midlands Police are also using the brand new MET assessment centre to test their candidates. So, if you’re applying to one of these constabularies then this is perfect for you!

I haven’t applied to join the MET Police yet: Even if you haven’t applied to join the MET yet, you can get a head start using our tutor’s fantastic advice!

I want to join a different Police constabulary: This seminar is focused on the new assessment centre. However, if you’re looking for training and advice to become a Police Officer then check out our Police Officer Recruitment Training Course page.

I’ve recently applied to join the MET Police: Brilliant! This is the perfect resource to help you pass the MET assessment centre.

I’ve booked my MET Police ‘Day 1’ assessment centre and it’s coming up: This seminar is purely an overview of the process. If you have your assessment centre coming up, then check out our fantastic ‘Day 1’ assessment centre course, you’ll receive personal training to help you pass.

I’ve recently failed my MET Police ‘Day 1’ assessment centre: You’d be better suited to attend our ‘Day 1’ assessment centre training course to boost your scores and highlight areas you can personally improve upon.

The seminar is a short walk from London Victoria Station – a 6 minute walk to be precise. There are numerous bus stops nearby, which will help you to get there, as well as the Tube!

There’s street parking at the venue, so you’re able to come by car. If not, it’s a short trip from Victoria:

  • Walk south-east on Eccleston Bridge/A3213 towards Bulleid Way
  • Turn left onto Gillingham St, and you’re there! 

By attending your seminar, you will be given access to our MET-specific, award-winning, online testing suite!

No, this seminar is purely for information purposes. However, if you’re looking for personal training then we can offer this! Simply go to our MET Police Day 1 assessment centre course page, and find out how you can connect with our course tutor!



The total cost of the MET Police careers seminar is £49+vat.

Once you have paid for your seminar you will receive confirmation of your booking and further details via email.


82-83 Eccleston Square, Off 55 Gillingham Street, London Victoria, SW1V 1PS.

You will receive details of the venue location in your booking confirmation letter.

Metropolitan Police Officer Careers Seminar in London Location


The seminar will run from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm.


Water will be provided to all attendees. There are vending machines on-site and there are also shops located within a short walk of the venue.

SEMINAR FAQ fact sheet

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