The intensive Police Special Constable course will teach you everything you need to know in order to excel during the tough selection process. Candidates who pass the selection process have a thorough understanding of how they are going to be assessed, as well as knowing EXACTLY how to match the competencies at every stage of the process.

This intensive course will show you how to learn and master these fundamental assessment skills so that you can pass the ‘Police Special’ process. This course has established an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality selection preparation training, primarily due to the fact that it is run by a former police officer. As such, you can benefit from the expert knowledge and experience of a tutor who has helped hundreds of previous candidates become a ‘Police Special’.


As well as granting you exclusive access to outstanding tuition and insider information, this course is the most cost-effective training resource on the market. Candidates benefit from the exceptional knowledge of a tutor who has firsthand experience of the selection process and marking system.

Due to this expertise, candidates are taught extensively about every aspect of selection process; including how to complete the application form, how to pass the assessment centre, sample tests, role play advice as well as a how to pass the ‘Police Special’ interview. Why not read one of our many testimonials from a previous student? Nichola passed the Police Special Constable selection process after attending our course, and contacted us to say:


This course offers formidable and comprehensive training on how to pass every stage of the selection process. Some of the topics which we extensively cover during this course include:

1. Detailed information about the recruitment process and how to apply.

2. Current information about how the police assess candidates during the selection process.

3. Face-to-face specialist training with a former police officer.

4. Advice and insider knowledge on all aspects of the application and interview process.

Students attending the Police Special Constable course. Our police ‘special constable’ course is fully interactive. We believe that, in order to succeed, all candidates should be able to practice their assessment responses through a variety of role play exercises. Therefore, to help you experience what the selection process will be like, we will even offer you the chance to sit a mock interview! This course will introduce you to:

  • The application form to ensure success the first time around.
  • Pre-release material that you need to study and what you need to know.
  • The 7 Core Competencies and how you will be assessed.
  • The Police Initial Recruitment Tests (P.I.R.T.s) including sample tests to try out.
  • Role plays and how to pass them, including a ‘try out’ for each attendee.
  • The competency-based interview including sample questions.

As well as these learning resources, the course will also provide:

  • Maximum Instructor:Student ratio = 1:14.
  • Modern conference facilities with plenty of space to work.
  • Liquid refreshments throughout the day for your comfort.
  • The best training facilities available and a course run by an expert.

This course teaches the new updated police officer core competencies and shows all candidates what they MUST be doing to PASS! This course is run by a former member of the Metropolitan police’s recruitment branch, who specialised in not only recruiting people, but preparing so that they had a proven better chance of joining. His knowledge, help and advice will improve your chances of joining any British police service..


  • Extracting information from the written report and brief quickly & accurately.
  • How to use a quick method for ensuring success in the written report.
  • The importance of writing legibly and literately.
  • Constructing assessment centre specific reports.
  • Guidance from a former police officer regarding how to understand this crucial information.
  • Guidance on how to use this information wisely on the day of your assessment.
  • What they are and how you MUST match them to pass.
  • Using them appropriately during every stage of the application process.

Over 75% of students who attend this course go on to successfully pass the selection process…

  • Sample test questions to help you prepare fully.
  • Verbal Logical Reasoning and how you can achieve the maximum scores available.
  • Tips on technique and practice in the areas of maths assessed.
  • Plenty of sample police test questions which you can use to practice the skills you have learned.
  • The essential planning phase and what you need to do during this period.
  • The activity phase and how to play the scenarios.
  • Practice role plays for every student.
  • Individual feedback and how to treat the actor.

This course is run by a former serving police officer who has extensive knowledge of the recruitment process…

  • Planning your 5 minute response to the interview questions.
  • The opportunity to experience a practice interview with sample questions.
  • Individual feedback on your performance.
  • Understanding other people’s views and taking them into account.
  • How to treat the role actor with dignity and respect but also how to challenge and demonstrate your abilities.



The total cost of the course is £97 plus vat.

Once you have paid for your course you will receive confirmation of your booking and further course details via email.

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