Online Police Assessment Centre Role Play / Interactive Exercises Course

Guarantee your success at the Police Assessment Centre, by enlisting yourself in our brand new online course! Created with the help of industry experts, this course contains:

  • 21 Interactive Training Modules, to help you get to grips with the requirements of the exercise!
  • In-depth video training, on every step of the role play.
  • Over 8 Sample Exercises, to give you fantastic practice on role play response.
  • Detailed behavioural guides, to ensure that you impress the assessors.
  • From the creators of the best-selling How2Become a Police Officer series.
Online Police Role Play Exercises
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This course is the ideal resource for anyone seeking to perfect their role play skills, prior to the Police Assessment Centre.

Whether you are using this course to learn about the role play structure, how to behave or even just which scenarios to try and prepare for, this is surely the ideal resource for you. Although we can’t give you the exact scenario that will come up, the interactive modules on our online course are designed to run in an extremely similar manner to the real role play, so you can be sure that this will prepare you for whatever comes your way!

The course comes complete with:

  • 21 Interactive Training Modules! These training modules have been designed to help you practice every single requirement of the real role play.
  • Video Training! In this course, we just don’t tell you how to pass the role play, we SHOW you!
  • Sample exercises, behavioural guides and more! With the help of our course, you’ll learn every single requirement necessary to ace the role play.

About the Police Role Play

The Police Role Play is a really difficult exercise. It effectively requires you to get into the shoes of another character, and then play that part down to a tee. Naturally, not all of us are the best actors in the world! However, it’s important to note that you aren’t being judged on your acting ability, but on your ability to demonstrate the core competencies. In our online course, we’ll cover each and every single one of the core competencies, and how to demonstrate them, in fantastic detail!

During the role play, you will be required to enter a room containing two people: a role play actor and an assessor. You’ll be playing the part of a customer services officer, and the role play actor will be someone who has come to you with a difficult matter. The role play starts as soon as you enter the room, so be ready! The actor will try to make it as difficult as possible for you, but the key is to remain calm. As long as you don’t panic, and can provide logical competency based solutions, you will be just fine!

Here at How2Become, we recognise that the role play section of the Police Assessment is one of the most challenging for candidates, and that is why we have created this course. With the right preparation, you can secure your career as an officer of the law.

Course Modules

 By this point, you are probably wondering exactly what we’ll teach you on this course. Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered on EVERY SINGLE element of the role play. That’s right, from the preparation phase through to the final interactions with the actor, this course will teach you everything you need to know. The modules covered in this course include:

In this module, we’ll give you a detailed introduction to exactly what the role play is all about. We’ll outline the entire process, from start to finish, including the preparation phase. Along with this, we’ll also explain to you WHY the role play is used by the police, and how it can separate the strong candidates from the weak! In our introduction, you’ll learn:

  • What the role play is;
  • How it’s used to assess candidates;
  • What the assessors look for;
  • Things to watch out for.

In this module, we’ll show you the core competencies. The core competencies are the key behavioural characteristics required not just for the role play, but for the entire assessment centre! The better you can demonstrate these competencies, the better your chances will be of passing the role play. You can expect to be scored based on these competencies, so make sure you learn this module thoroughly! In this section, you’ll learn:

  • Every single of the competencies, and what they entail;
  • How each and every single competency is relevant to the police service;
  • How to demonstrate each competency during the role play;
  • How the assessors score you, based on these competencies.

In this module, we’ll give you some in-depth sample responses, to key role play questions. You’ll be shown how to answer the role play actor in a calm and professional manner, and demonstrate to the assessor that you are the right person for the role. We’ll give you tips on things to AVOID and things that you absolutely need to make sure you do, to ace the role play. In this section, you’ll learn:

  • The type of language you should be using;
  • Top tips on what to AVOID saying to the role play actor;
  • Tips on how to memorise key assets of your character;
  • What a really great response to the role play actor involves.

Along with all of the above, and many many other sample exercises, tips and tricks; we’ve provided you with an end of course exam. This will give you a fantastic chance to test yourself against what you’ve learned during the online course. And if you don’t pass, don’t worry, you’ve got UNLIMITED ACCESS to this course. This means that you can keep practicing and practicing, until you are absolutely certain of success! In our end of course exam, we’ll quiz you on topics such as:

  • Core competencies;
  • The right response and the wrong response;
  • Methods of pre role-play preparation;
  • How to impress the assessor;
  • Why the role play is important;
  • And much more!


MODULE 1: Introduction

MODULE 2: The Core Competencies

MODULE 3: The Role Plays Explained

MODULE 4: Role Play Video 1

MODULE 5: Role Play Video 2

MODULE 6: Role Play Video 3

MODULE 7: Role Play Video 4

MODULE 8: Role Play/Interactive Exercises

MODULE 9: Sample Response and Actions to Role Play Exercise

MODULE 10: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 2

For every single module on this course, we’ve worked with trusted experts within the industry, to make sure that everything we teach you is 100% VERIFIED and accurate. You simply will not find a more conclusive and in-depth course anywhere else! This truly is the ULTIMATE role play guide.

MODULE 11: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 3

MODULE 12: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 4

MODULE 13: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 5

MODULE 14: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 6

MODULE 15: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 7

MODULE 16: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 8

MODULE 17: Role Play/Interactive Exercise 9

MODULE 18: Additional Notes and Guidance

MODULE 19 BONUS 1: Ultimate Police Assessment Centre Role Play Preparation [VIDEO]

MODULE 20 BONUS 2: New Role Play Scenarios

MODULE 21: End of course exam

Old Core Competencies

This online test resource covers the following core competencies, which are crucial for passing the police selection process.

  • Public Service
  • Openness To Change
  • Service Delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Decision Making
  • Working With Others

Met Core Competencies

  • Emotionally Aware
  • Taking Ownership
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Deliver, Support and Inspire
  • Analyse Critically
  • Innovative and Open Minded

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re applying to a constabulary that uses the Met police core competencies please check out our guide for the brand new assessment centre!


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Online Police Role Play Exercises


Sample Police Role Play Scenarios

Not only have we provided you with a fantastic outline of everything you need to know, but we’ve even given you a full practice test at the end of the course. This will give you the chance to REVISE your skills, and ensure that you can head to the assessment centre with confidence and gusto!