This police assessment centre course will increase your chances of passing the police online assessment process (using proven training).

The police assessment process is designed so that MANY candidates FAIL. Those that fail then have to wait 6 months before they can re-apply. Therefore, it is vital that you pass your police online assessment centre (previously Day 1 assessment/SEARCH assessment) on your first attempt.

This is why we have set up this dedicated, live webinar, presented by David Bebb, a Police recruitment expert with 30 years of experience in the MET.

The police online assessment process is hard and stressful, which is why many good candidates fail it. Our comprehensive police assessment centre course will improve your chances of passing by increasing your knowledge, preparation, and confidence.

INSIDER RECRUITMENT TIPS to ensure that you pass your police assessment, first time;

PROVEN INTERVIEW TRAINING including how to tackle the competency-based police assessment centre interview questions, and our winning template to form top-scoring answers;

ACCESS PRACTICE RESOURCES so that you can prepare for the College of Policing online assessment process;

GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED by a Police recruitment expert, with over 30 years of experience in helping people, just like you, to become police officers;

LIVE TRAINING FROM YOUR HOME via your PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone to ensure you get the very best coaching available & your questions get answered.


Reserve your place NOW to avoid missing out on a unique opportunity to boost your chances of passing your online assessment!

Online Police Course How2Become

PLEASE NOTE: This training covers the police online assessment process (introduced in May 2020), which replaced the police search assessment centre, and search recruit assessment centre.

The Police Officer Online Assessment Process : Commonly Asked Questions

The police officer online assessment is split into a number of different sections. Stage 1 is the Situational Judgement Test. In this exercise you will be presented with a number of scenarios similar to what you would face in the role of a police officer. Your task is to read the scenario and choose the best available option which suits the scenario. The next stage, is to undertake a video interview. This is a competency-based interview and you be required to answer a number of questions. The idea of this interview is to assess you against the values required to become a police officer in the UK. The final parts of the online assessment process is the Stage 3, Written and Briefing Exercises. During these exercises, you will be presented with scenarios and your goal is to advise on your recommendations to help resolve the scenarios. It is vital to remember with all of these exercises that you always follow the Competencies and Values Framework, when responding and recommending actions.

To pass the new online police assessment centre – which has replaced the old SEARCH assessment centre and the Day 1 assessment – candidates must undertake four exercises. These include:

  • Situational Judgement Test;
  • Competency Based Interview;
  • The Written Exercise;
  • The Briefing Exercise.

All exercises must be completed for candidates to pass the police assessment centre.

Although an exact pass rate has not been advertised, you would be required to pass each individual exercise, there would be no overall score. Always attempt to aim for 100% in each of the exercises. However, looking at the past SEARCH and Day 1 assessments, based on this you would be expected to get at least 55% in each exercise.

Whether you are attending the police assessment centre in person or via the new virtual online process, you must wear smart formal clothes such as a suit and tie. Women should wear a shirt and jacket with either a formal skirt or trousers. Men should wear a suit and tie. A black or navy suit is recommended.

If you are attending the virtual online assessment centre, then ensure your surroundings are also well presented as you will be required to be visible on webcam during your assessment. Make sure you are not sitting with a window directly behind you as this can cause the exposure of the sunlight to darken the image of you. Try to aim for a neutral background, such as a white or light grey background. You will have a chance to test out the webcam before the assessment begins.

Each exercise has their own timings. However, you are allocated plenty of time to complete all of the exercises, so there is no need to rush. Please see the breakdown below::

  • Situational Judgement Test – You can take from 30 minutes to two hours to complete the twelve scenarios and questions;
  • Competency Based Interview – The interview lasts for 35 minutes;
  • The Written Exercise – You will have forty minutes to undertake and complete this exercise;
  • The Briefing Exercise – You will have ten minutes to read the accompanying materials and a further thirty-six to minutes to complete the exercise.
Overview of the Police Online Assessment Process Course

A STEP-BY-STEP OVERVIEW OF THE Online Assessment Process

Police Online Assessment Practice Tests


Police Competency-Based Interview Help


Ask Any Question You May Have During Our Police Assessment Course

Get All of Your Questions Answered by an Expert


What’s covered during the police online assessment process introduced by the College of Policing.

To become a police officer at any of the 43 ‘Home Office’ police services in England and Wales you MUST pass the police online assessment process (this replaces the SEARCH and Day 1 assessment centres).

The police assessment centre is by far the hardest part of the whole selection process. Our comprehensive and engaging training will thoroughly prepare you for what you will undertake and give you the best chance of passing. As the new online assessment is a national process, this live-webinar is the one for you, whether you are applying to the MET or Merseyside, Kent or Cumbria, or any of the 43 police services in England and Wales.

  • Our trainer is an expert in this subject having written and delivered this type of training on behalf of the Metropolitan Police;
  • His course was proven to increase candidates’ scores at their assessment centres, and increase their chances of becoming a police officer;
  • EVERY EXTRA MARK that you gain really does COUNT at a time when joining the police has become a rare opportunity and more competitive than it has ever been.

This course is also great even if you haven’t yet applied to the police, but intend to at some stage. It will prepare you for what to expect once you have applied. Crucially, it will identify any weaknesses that you may have well in advance of your online assessment so that you have plenty of time to put them right.

For many, this event really will be the difference between becoming a police officer, or not. Reserve your spot on this live-streamed webinar and we can help you to achieve the career of your dreams.

STAGE 1 - Situational Judgement Test


  • The police situational judgement test consists of 12 scenarios and questions, each containing 4 potential answers;
  • Once a question has been displayed on-screen, you will be required to select one answer from 4 potential answers. The answer you select should reflect what you would do in the situation described;
  • All of the situational judgement test questions are based on scenarios that a police constable may encounter;
  • You will not need any prior technical knowledge to complete the test, the questions are to assess how you would respond to a situation, and the system will analyse if your answer matches with the required police competencies and values.


  • You will be required to answer 5 competency-based interview questions using your webcam and microphone. Your answers are recorded live by the system;
  • You are presented with one question at a time, along with additional supplementary questions relating to the original question. You then have 1 minute to consider your answer;
  • Candidates then get 5 minutes to answer the question including the supplementary questions;
  • You will not be able to re-record your answers.


  • You will undertake the role of a PC (police constable) for this task, where you are required to complete an urgent written task for your Sergeant;
  • This task is likely to focus on an issue in the community;
  • You will be provided four sets of information (such as, potentially, a letter or email from a member of the public) that you can use to help form your written response;
  • You are required to type the written exercise answer as a report on your device in your web browser.


  • You will undertake the role of a PC (police constable) for this task, where you are presented with a scenario in which you are required to handle a series of issues;
  • During this exercise, you will be provided a set of questions relating to the issues from this scenario, which you must provide answers to;
  • You will be provided additional information and materials to aid your preparation within the first 10 minutes of the exercise;
  • After the preparation phase, you will have 36 minutes to present your answers broken down into the following stages:

Part 1 – Candidates have 12 minutes to answer 4 questions relating to the given scenario.

Part 2 – Candidates will then be given new information and have 12 minutes to answer 4 new questions.

Part 3 – Candidates will then be given further new information and have 12 minutes to answer 4 new questions.

This live-streamed webinar will allow you to gauge where you are in regards to your preparation for your assessment. This is because you will get an overview of all of the areas you need to prepare for before your online assessment centre. You will, of course, be free to ask questions and not just throughout the event, but after it as well. That’s because you can contact our expert trainer right up to the day before your assessment. This unique ‘aftercare’ service comes at no additional expense to yourself. You are extremely unlikely to be offered such support by the police service you are applying to, so give yourself an advantage by attending our webinar.


  1. Attending training events of this type is proven to improve a candidate’s chances of passing their assessment centre.
  2. It is vital that candidates score as high a percentage as possible at the online assessment centre as often police services will ‘top slice’ the best candidates. This webinar will improve the score of the vast majority of people that stream it.
  3. A higher score at your assessment is often what leads to police services inviting candidates to apply for accelerated promotion schemes.
  4. Attendees knowledge, preparation, and confidence levels will be improved.
  5. Attendees will be clear about what they have to do during the police online assessment tests. They will be taught tried and trusted ways to approach every exercise.
  6. Attendees will be given realistic practice resources and exercises to complete at home.
  7. Attendees will have their questions personally answered.
  8. After your training is over, you can still contact our expert trainer with any questions that subsequently occur to you.
  9. Our trainer has an excellent overall knowledge of the whole recruitment process. He will be able to answer plenty of your recruitment questions, not just ones relating to the police online assessment process.
  10. Even though these webinars are proven to improve pass rates and performance, few are offered such training by the police service they are applying to. So streaming on this webinar will give candidates an advantage, that few would otherwise get the chance to receive.

Police Assessment Course Reviews & Testimonials

What previous attendees had to say about our training courses.

Angela D.

“This was an excellent course, I would recommend anyone that is attempting to join the police. It is well worth the money also. Dave is a kind and good tutor who talks about all the different key points you need to go through the assessments.”


“I completed the Online Assessment with Dave and it was well worth the money and very informative. It helped me to complete my assessment and pass. Thank you.”


During our police assessment centre course, you will be taught the following:

How to pass the new police assessment centre course
  • What a competency-based assessment is;
  • Learn the structure of every online assessment centre exercise with useful tips on all of them;
  • Get access to realistic mock tests including the situational judgement test, the written exercise, and the briefing exercise;
  • You will also learn about the structure of the video interview and receive great tips about how to answer the police assessment centre interview questions;
  • Your training will conclude with additional useful information such as what to wear, how to set up your room for your video interview, and more.


Still not convinced? Check out the full itinerary from the tutor himself, covering absolutely everything you can expect to learn and achieve.

The power of this training cannot be emphasised enough. It is statistically proven to add 5% to 6% to attendees scores, which as you know is hugely significant considering every single mark is precious!


Pass the Police recruitment process today. Trusted by 10,000s of customers worldwide.


Now only £147.00 +VAT


16 years of Proven Police Recruitment Training


How to pass the new police assessment centre course
How much does the online assessment webinar cost?

The total cost of this online training course is just £147+vat.

Once you have paid for your training you will receive confirmation of your booking and further details via email.

The webinar will run for approximately 3-4 hours.

Once you have booked your place, you will be emailed a booking confirmation letter with instructions and a unique link that you can use to join the webinar live on your chosen date.

Weekend webinars will commence at 11:00 am, please join the event at 10:45 am to ensure they run smoothly.

Weekday webinars will commence at 6:00 pm, in this case, please join the event at 5:45 pm.

Once you have booked your place, you just need either a PC, MAC, tablet, or your phone to attend live. You will get to view the course tutor’s computer screen and a live presentation from him. The tutor will be on hand to answer your questions.

Please make sure you have a pen and some paper handy, to take notes and a cup of tea!

Yes! We estimate that we have over a 90% success rate of students who attend our live training that go on to pass the police selection process. Of course, it is down to you as the individual to apply what you have learned, however, our TrustPilot reviews and success stories speak for themselves.


Live-stream our police assessment centre course and you will increase your chances of passing the hard, and demanding police assessment centre!

You will be given invaluable information, tips, and your questions will be answered. You will be given access to realistic practice assessments and receive expert advice about them. This will enable you to assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

If you use our expert’s tips it’s highly probable that your overall percentage score will be improved. This is vital as simply passing a PC assessment centre is often not enough, because police services often ‘top slice’ the best candidates.

Our expert trainer is skilled, friendly, and helpful. He has helped 1000s of people like yourself to pass their assessment centres and become police officers. Let him help you to fulfil your ambition of becoming a police officer.

  1. We run around 60 training events per year and have been helping 1000s of students like you pass for over 14 years.
  2. You’ll be taught by Dave Bebb, an expert in police assessment centres whose main role was to write and deliver ‘Pre-Assessment Centre Workshops’ on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service.
  3. A higher score at assessment is often what leads to police services inviting candidates to apply for accelerated promotion schemes.
  4. As an aspiring police officer, you probably know a lot of people who have failed during their application process, and you don’t want to be one of them for the sake of the small booking fee.
  5. Attendees will be clear about what they have to throughout the assessment process. They will be taught tried and trusted ways to approach every exercise.
  6. Attendees will get access to realistic exercises. They will receive useful tips about how they can further their performance.
  7. Our feedback for this training has been phenomenal, we have an average rating of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot.
  8. Even after your event is over, you can still contact our expert trainer with any questions that subsequently occur to you.
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