GCSE Maths is Easy is a mathematical testing guide like no other! It provides all the vital information you will need to know regarding basic mathematics in a fun and interesting way! The sole purpose of this resource is simple – to make maths easy! In order to successfully pass any basic mathematical test, it is important to get to grips with the basic arithmetic and formulas required.

This guide has been specifically designed with the intention to create a guide that is easy to follow and laid out in a way that makes maths more compelling to learn.

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When people think of maths, they instantly think tedious, difficult, uninteresting. However, this book guarantees learning techniques that will not only make maths more bearable to learn, but guarantees correct answers every time! This book is all about realistic and interesting facts that are used to display maths in a more fun and interesting way! You will come across questions regarding:

  • Real sunken treasure ships;
  • The secrets of mazes;
  • Number of bones in the human body;
  • Life on Mercury;
  • Chinese tales;
  • French and Italian menus;
  • Mayan birthdays.

Example Maths Questions and Answers


How many times have you been inside a maze and find it too difficult to find the middle? Well, with our fun-filled Maths is Easy book, we can provide you with an answer!

The Secret of the Maze!

Enter the maze and put one hand on a wall. It doesn’t matter which hand you use, and it doesn’t matter which wall you touch. Now, just keep walking without taking your hand off that wall. In other words just keep following the wall you are touching. You will always end up in the middle of the maze. It won’t be the quickest way to get there but it always works. You can get back out by doing the same thing – just follow a wall.

In our Maths is Easy book we provide step-by-step instructions for every question! Written in conjunction with a Qualified Maths teacher, we have done our upmost to ensure you with the most accurate and easiest methods of completing mathematical formulas and arithmetic’s. Let’s look at Pie Charts for an example:

Here is a list of countries to which some of the past prize winners for medicine have belonged.

10 winners
3 winners
5 winners
4 winners
4 winners
2 winners
17 winners

Now, how do you put all this information into a pie chart?

If you add together all the prize winners you will find there are 45 of them. (17 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 3 + 10) Each winner must get their fair share of the pie. The pie is a circle and a circle has 360 degrees in it, so we have to divide 360 into 45 equal slices. Use a calculator, if you like, to work out 360 ÷ 45. The answer is 8.

So each winner will get 8 degrees of the circle.


The CROSS looks like a multiplication sign and it tells you which numbers to multiply together. One arm is saying ‘multiply the 1 by the 2’ and the other arm is saying ‘multiply the 1 by the 3’


Finally, add up the numbers above the line.

This may sound like really difficult, but you will be surprised how easy this can be if you follow a few simple steps! Mathematicians realised that maths really can be made easy. They realised that when trying to divide fractions, they found that if they turned the last fraction upside down and changed the divide sign to a multiplication, they got the correct answer – every time!


Last fraction turned upside down and ÷ changed to x


Done! That’s the answer, although it can be simplified to 5 / 6


The Maths is Easy fun and interesting testing guide contains:

  • TIPS – top tips for passing the tests including what you should do and what you should try to avoid.
  • UNUSUAL METHODS – our guide contains unusual methods that you may not have come across before. We have done this on purpose! We have provided you with these somewhat unorthodox methods because we know one things for sure, they work!
  • 100’s OF QUESTIONS – the downloadable workbook purposely provides you with lots and lots of sample questions for you to get your head around, and to ensure your maths is bettered and fully comprehend how to tackle each question type.
  • DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF MATHEMATICS – the guide provides a range of different types of questions that allow you to use different mathematic formulas. For example, questions based on percentages, fractions, ratios, mean values and data interpretations etc.
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS – this resource contains all the answers and explanations of how to work out every single question, so you are able to correct your mistakes and know how to work the question out for future reference.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE! – This guide is packed with all the information, advice and questions you will need to make maths easy!


As an additional bonus, you will receive 30-days FREE ACCESS to our professional online testing suite which will equip you with sample tests that will help you prepare fully for your GCSE Maths exam! After your 30 days free trial ends the service is automatically charged at a mere £5.95 plus vat per month with no minimum term. You can cancel any time. See our terms and conditions for more details.

GCSE Maths is Easy download
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GCSE Maths is easy – THE GUIDE FOR YOU!

GCSE Maths is Easy is a must-have testing guide for anyone who struggles with the basic mathematical formulas and arithmetic. This detailed guide provides clear instructions throughout, and guides you through the process to answer a range of mathematical questions. The vast array of questions will guarantee you to feel more confident and competent at tackling such issues regarding:

  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions;
  • Ratios;
  • Bearings and triangulations;
  • Percentages;
  • Currency exchange rates;
  • Mean, mode, range and medium;
  • Bar charts, pie charts, tally charts and frequency tables;
  • Statistics;
  • Buying a meal abroad;
  • Banking;
  • Areas and perimeters;
  • The 24 hour clock.


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