AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR PASSING MATHS IN A FUN AND EASY WAY! Welcome to your guide GCSE Maths is Easy guide – the complete guide to complement your GCSE mathematical learning. This guide can be used alongside the new national curriculum which ensures you are fully prepared for your GCSE exams.
GCSE Maths is Easy Higher Tier Workbook
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MATHS MADE INTERESTING! When people think of maths, they instantly think tedious, difficult, uninteresting. However, this book guarantees learning techniques that will not only make maths more bearable to learn, but guarantees correct answers every time! This book is all about realistic and interesting facts that are used to display maths in a more fun and interesting way! You will come across questions regarding:
  • Real sunken treasure ships;
  • The secrets of mazes;
  • Number of bones in the human body;
  • Life on Mercury;
  • Chinese tales;
  • French and Italian menus;
  • Mayan birthdays.

Example Maths Questions and Answers

Question 1
Match the boxes from the top row to the bottom row that have the same value. The first one has been done for you.
Question 2
The wind speed which Emperor penguins deal with can reach up to a strong wind (mph) of: One third of 267
Question 3
Change this number from its standard index form to its actual number. 1.6 x 10³ Did you know that this is approximately the weight (in lbs) of a fully grown polar bear?
Question 4
Work out 138.72 to 3 s.f. Did you know this is the approximate height (in metres) of The Great Pyramid of Giza?
Answer to Question 1  Your answer should look like this: • 3⁄8 = 21⁄56 • 1⁄6 = 9⁄54 • 6⁄7 = 12⁄14 • 2⁄3 = 26⁄39 • 3⁄4 = 57⁄76 Answer to Question 2 89 mph EXPLANATION: • 267 ÷ 3 = 89 Answer to Question 3 1,600 Answer to Question 4 139 EXPLANATION: • To find 3 s.f. you need to look at the first three numbers (138) • Using the first number after the decimal point, you will decide whether the unit will be rounded up or down. The number after the decimal point is (7) which means we round up.
MATHS IS EASY HIGHER: GUIDE CONTENTS The Maths is Easy HIGHER fun and interesting testing guide contains:
  • TIPS – top tips for passing the tests including what you should do and what you should try to avoid.
  • UNUSUAL METHODS – our book contains unusual methods that you may not have come across before. We have done this on purpose! We have provided you with these somewhat unorthodox methods because we know one things for sure, they work!
  • 100’s OF QUESTIONS – the workbook purposely provides you with lots and lots of sample questions for you to get your head around, and to ensure your maths is bettered and fully comprehend how to tackle each question type.
  • DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF MATHEMATICS – the book provides a range of different types of questions that allow you to use different mathematic formulas. For example, questions based on percentages, fractions, ratios, mean values and data interpretations etc.
  • FUN FACTS – this book contains maths calculations to some of the most weirdest and fascinating facts!
  • A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE! – This guide is packed with all the information, advice and questions you will need to make maths easy!
GCSE Maths is Easy Higher Tier Workbook
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GCSE Maths is Easy Higher – THE GUIDE FOR YOU!

Maths is Easy Higher is a must-have testing book for anyone who struggles with the basic mathematical formulas and arithmetic. This detailed book provides clear instructions throughout, and guides you through the process to answer a range of mathematical questions. The vast array of questions will guarantee you to feel more confident and competent at tackling such issues regarding:
  • Numbers;
  • Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change;
  • Geometry and Measures;
  • Probability and Statistics;
  • Algebra;
  • Sample Practice Papers.
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