How to Become a Parachute Regiment Officer in 2024

The complete guide to unlocking and passing the parachute regiment officer recruitment process.

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How to Become a Parachute Regiment Officer in 2024

The complete guide to joining the parachute regiment as an officer in 2024.

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How2Become Reviews 5 Star Rating from TrustPilot



The Parachute Regiment is a formidable force and the soldiers are so highly trained, committed and dedicated, only a select few get the chance to join.

Within this comprehensive 100+ page resource will provide you with all the information you need to help you pass the Parachute Regiment Officer selection process.

From essential planning exercise advice through to actual interview questions with each of the Board Officers, your chances of success will dramatically increase when you download this resource.

We’ve even managed to obtain insider advice on what the Parachute Regiment Officer Selection Board are looking for.

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Within this resource you’ll discover a mass of insider tips and advice to help you prepare for, and pass, the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB). From essential planning exercise advice through to actual interview questions with each of the Board Officers, your chances of success will dramatically increase when you receive your resource.

During our research into this guide we have even managed to obtain insider advice on what the Parachute Regiment Officer Selection Board are looking for in successful candidates and it’s all contained within your guide!

Your guide includes the top 10 insider tips and advice brought to you by current serving Army Officer recruitment staff. Here are 3 tips to help you get started:

In order to become an Officer in the Parachute Regiment you will need to be fully prepared and focused. When we say ‘fully prepared and focused’ we actually mean focusing your preparation in key areas.

If you don’t prepare yourself fully, then the chances of failure increase dramatically. We will tell you what to research and also how to put yourself across during the Army Officer Selection Board in order to improve your chances of success.

The Parachute Regiment Officer selection process you will need to pass a number of different mental aptitude tests, including a Planning Exercise. Within this comprehensive guide you will receive insider guidance on how to tackle this tough phase.

Make sure you focus your preparation in the right areas and concentrate on getting high scores during the AOSB!

Don’t just be prepared for Para Regiment Officer selection, be FULLY PREPARED!

During the selection interviews which form part of the AOSB, you will be interviewed by a number of different officers. Each one of them is looking for specific responses and traits. During the DVD, which forms part of your package, we will tell you what they are looking for, some of the interview questions and more importantly how to come across in order to portray a positive image.

The Parachute Regiment Officer Selection Process

The selection process  will normally consist of the following elements:

Stage 1 – Online Application Form

The first step on your journey is to register your interest online, or by contacting your local Armed Forces Careers Office. There you will be required to fill out some basic information, learn about life in the army and if you wish to proceed you can then submit an online application.

Becoming an officer in the parachute regiment is a very big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will need to consider your choice of career carefully and will be required to complete a short questionnaire that will determine your suitability for joining.

Stage 2 – AFCO Briefing and Interview

The next stage in the application process is the briefing and interview. During this you may be asked a number of questions regarding yourself and your motivations for applying to join the parachute regiment as an officer. During this stage you also get the opportunity to ask any questions about life in the parachute regiment as an officer. Your candidate support manager will also provide you with a plan to help you prepare the the army aptitude tests, the AOSB briefing, main board and the Potential Officer Insight course (POIC).

Usually held at the armed forces careers office, but due to current COVID-19 restrictions this stage is currently undertaken online.


The AOSB briefing lasts for 24 hours and held at Westbury. During the briefing you will be assessed on following elements:

  1. Physical ability
  2. Practical ability
  3. Teamwork ability
  4. Leadership ability

The briefing is also an opportunity for you to see whether Army life is for you and to also prepare for the full AOSB Main Board.

Further purpose of the briefing is also to give you an idea on what to expect at the main board as many of the exercises are repeated at main board.


The AOSB Main Board takes place at Westbury and lasts for three and a half days. Boards usually run during the week, however, there are weekend boards for those people who cannot genuinely attend during the week.

You will be split up into medium sized groups of approximately 8 people. This is done deliberately to assess whether or not you can work with people of the opposite sex and also with people whom are younger and older than you.

The AOSB Main Board is designed to assess whether or not you have the right personal qualities and attributes to become a successful officer in the parachute regiment. The only way you will pass it is through hard work and determination.

parachute regiment officer POIC


If you have been successful at army officer main board, you may be excused for thinking that you have passed the selection process to become an officer in the parachute regiment. However, please think again. Upon completion of main board, you will be required to attend a Potential Officer Insight Course (POIC), this is exclusive to the parachute regiment and it gives senior members of the parachute regiment to assess potential officer candidates.

The course is similar to AIB main board and held Catterick. As with any specialist army regiment the parachute regiment, will assess you to ensure you are suitable for an officer role. During the five days you will be assessed on a number of strenuous physical exercises, so you need to be at your optimum fitness. You will also have to undertake group tasks which assess your leadership potential. There are also written exercises such as an essay, planning exercises and group discussions.

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  • The ‘Top 10 Insider Tips and Advice’ for passing the selection process;
  • Preparing effectively for the Army Officer Selection Board AOSB;
  • Insider tips on how to pass the AOSB;
  • Essential contact details and useful websites;
  • All about the selection process and the different elements of the AOSB;
  • How to create the right impression at the AFCO and at the main AOSB and briefing.


  • Preparing effectively to pass the Selection Board;
  • Lots of sample mental aptitude test questions;
  • About the AOSB and how to pass it with very high grades;
  • The opening discussion and lecturette advice;
  • How to pass the Planning Exercise;
  • A sample Planning Exercise to help you prepare fully for AOSB;
  • Command Task advice and the Leaderless tasks.


  • How you will be assessed during the AOSB interviews;
  • Tips on how to increase your interview scores;
  • The Education Officers interview including actual questions;
  • Deputy Presidents interview and how to pass;
  • Lots of sample interview questions;
  • The Vice Presidents interview with questions!


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We guarantee that our How To Join the Parachute Regiment officer online resources will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process. The package contains 100+ pages of recruitment insider tips, practice tests, and proven strategies which will guide you through each element of selection, including the application form, the interviews and how to understand the qualities required to be successful.

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Parachute Regiment Officer Download

We guarantee that our How To Become a Parachute Regiment Officer download resources will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process successfully. The package contains 120+ pages of recruitment insider tips and proven strategies which will guide you through each stage of selection, including the application form, the online tests, the interviews, and more.

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Pass the Parachute Regiment Officer Selection Process. First Time.

Crafted for everyone, no matter your skill level or background, this guide was made to help you achieve one goal: become a paratrooper.

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Pass the Parachute Regiment Officer Selection Process. First Time.

Crafted for everyone, no matter your skill level or background, this guide was made to help you achieve one goal: join the parachute regiment as an officer.

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What are the army values-based questions, how to structure your responses, what keywords you MUST use, and how to impress when answering each question

A full breakdown of the qualities required and cutting out the filler so you can memorise only what you NEED to know, making preparation a lot easier!

Practice questions and answers for the interview

The importance of ensuring you meet the minimum eligibility requirements (and understanding the role of an officer in the parachute regiment



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This resource is designed to help anyone looking to become an officer in the parachute regiment and conquer the gruelling selection process.

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If you have already begun the selection process, then you’ll be able to pick up this guide from the exact stage you are at and follow the step-by-step guidance to passing the application form, interviews, and more with winning confidence.

Whatever stage of the process you are at, you can be confident you’ll have all the strategies and tools you need to succeed.

Yes! With the ‘How to Become a Parachute Regiment Officer’ guide you will be able to access training that has been helping students successfully pass the selection process for over a decade.

At we like to do things a little differently. Instead of just giving you access to guides which explain how the selection process works, and what you need to do to pass, we teach you HOW to do it also. For example, we don’t just provide you with sample interview questions, we provide winning sample responses and step by step guidance on how to create your own successful answers. Whether you are thinking about applying, or you are half way through the selection process, this guide ‘hold your hand’ step-by-step. Here is a full list of everything you will get within this resource.

You will get unlimited access to all of the content contained within this resource with no time restrictions! We understand that applying for roles can be a long and stressful experience, that is why we want to take away one less worry – you will get access whenever you need, whether its just for a week, or for a year, you will have full access to the ‘How to Become a Parachute Regiment Officer’ guide whenever you need it.

When we launched we wanted to ensure our content would help as many people as possible no matter where they are, and we are achieving just that! We sell our resources to every country in the world, with 1000s of customers in the USA, UK, India, Australia, Africa and more! All of our content is either written or spoken in English, with the content designed to be as universal as possible unless otherwise stated. Our guide is designed specifically for the British Army Parachute Regiment Officer selection process. If you can’t see a guide you need in our huge catalogue, then just let us know and we will help if we can!

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