This dedicated KS2 Chemistry revision guide is the only KS2 Chemistry revision resource available dedicated to the new SATs curriculum.

  • All the information your child needs to pass;
  • Mock test questions and detailed answers;
  • Learn KS2 Science the easy way with fun loving superhero characters.
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This KS2 Chemistry revision guide has been specifically designed to provide all the support you and your child need for the chemistry sections of your child’s science SATs exam.

Containing a large variety of sample questions and answers, stimulating images and activities, KS2 Science is Easy: Chemistry is the guide that will allow you to give your child all the support they need at this challenging time in their school life.


The government’s new Key Stage 2 SATs exams have been brought in to test your child’s academic development in Science, as well as that of his/her year group. So, it is important for you to be aware of what the exams entail, and what you should do to help your child prepare!

KS2 Science is Easy: Chemistry’s opening section talks you through 8 ‘Golden Nuggets’ for parents, which you can use as a base for your child’s revision and learning. These new SATs represent a daunting and demanding chapter in your child’s academic life, so arm yourself to be up for the challenge!

In their Science exam, your child will be expected to:

  • ‘Work scientifically’ by showing knowledge of fair tests and analysing results;
  • Show knowledge of facts and theories by completing a variety of questions;
  • Carry put activities designed to test their deduction and grouping skills.


Question 1

Scarlett has made a list of facts about fossils. Unfortunately, Blaze has got his hands on it and has snuck some in that just aren’t true! Defeat Blaze and help Scarlett by deciding who wrote each statement. Circle Scarlett for the TRUE statements and circle Blaze for the FALSE statements.

1.Fossils are very rare – conditions have to be perfect for a fossil to form.

2. Humans have discovered fossils of modern animals as we see them today.

3. Fossils prove the existence of dinosaurs.

4. Fossils can give us an insight into the diet and behaviour of dinosaurs.

5. Humans have discovered every fossil in the world.

Question 2

Below are three words that describe the processes that solids, liquids and gases go through when changing states. Give a short definition for them.







Question 3

Preston and Blaze are discussing the hardness of materials.

Preston says:

“If a material is hard, it is difficult to dent or put a hole in.”

Blaze says:

“No, if a material is hard, then it is good at putting holes in other stuff!”

Who is right? Preston, Blaze, or both of them? Explain your answer:








Question 1






Question 2

Melting: ‘Melting’ is the process that solids go through to become liquids. This occurs when a solid is heated enough to reach its ‘melting point’ – the temperature where it can no longer remain as a solid and becomes a liquid.

Freezing: ‘Freezing’ is the process that liquids go through to become solids. This occurs when a liquid is cooled enough to reach its ‘freezing point’ (for water this is 0°C). The freezing point is the temperature at which a liquid will become a solid.
Boiling: ‘Boiling’ is the process that a liquid goes through to become a gas. This occurs when a liquid is heated enough to reach its ‘boiling point’ (for water this is 100°C). The boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid will become a gas.

Question 3

Both Preston and Blaze are right. A harder material will not be dented or penetrated by any material softer than it, and it will also be able to put a hole in anything softer than it. Therefore, due to the fact that a ‘hard material’ will be harder than most materials, it is possible to say that it is difficult to dent a hard material, and that hard materials are good at putting holes in other things.


Also included in KS2 Science is Easy: Chemistry is a specially designed mock paper, which aims to emulate the style of the real exam and test your child’s chemistry knowledge.

Carrying out this test will provide you with an excellent opportunity to check your child’s progress in the subject.

chemistry mock paper


KS2 Science is Easy: Chemistry will provide your child with all the knowledge and know-how they’ll need to ace the chemistry sections of their Science SAT come the summertime.

With the help of our team of superheroes, this visually stimulating kS2 Chemistry revision guide will keep your child engaged and improve their marks!

KS2 Science is Easy - Chemistry Revision Guide Download
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  • All the module content needed for the chemistry portions of your child’s Science SATs exam;
  • All the guidance you’ll need as a parent, including information on the brand new curriculum and exams;
  • Diagrams and pictures to make the content engaging and appealing for your child;
  • Clear chapter and topic headings, clearly presented by our in-house superheroes!


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