CABIN CREW Interview Questions and Answers

Competition to become a Cabin Crew is at an all-time high! There are thousands of people, just like you, who want to secure this exciting career. With this in mind, the Cabin Crew selection process is extremely tough – and perhaps the most difficult and challenging stage, is the air crew interview.

More often than not, those people who get to the interview stage will not have sat down in front of an interview panel for many years, and therefore they lack the confidence, the know-how, and the expertise to answer the questions with confidence.

This in-depth online training course will not only give you the confidence to excel within your Cabin Crew interview, but it will also give you sample interview questions and the suggested answers!

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What TO expect from The Ultimate CABIN CREW Interview questions and answers masterclass…

This Cabin Crew interview questions masterclass is perfect for any aspiring air crew candidate. If you want to ACE any Cabin Crew interview, this is the resource for you. Our online course is jam-packed with tips and tricks to answering any type of air crew interview question that you might come up against. So, enrol today, and start learning how to pass your interview!

The Masterclass will help you prepare for interviews with...
  • British Airways (BA)
  • Emirates
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • EasyJet
  • Tui
  • Thomas Cook
  • Ryanair
  • Qatar Airways
  • Jet2
  • FlyBe
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Wizz Air
  • Qantas
  • AER Lingus
  • Gulf Air
  • Norwegian Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Titan Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Delta
  • Air Canada

Online AIR CREW Interview Training – COURSE DetailS

Once you’ve completed this online masterclass, you’ll have a complete action plan to pass your CABIN CREW INTERVIEW with any airline, regardless of your previous experience. 

Learn how to pass your air crew interview with this comprehensive training course created and presented by interview expert, Richard McMunn. Within this course, which contains over 30 comprehensive training modules, you will learn:

Modules 1 - 10
  1. Introduction To Your Course by Richard McMunn
  2. 5 Important Tips
  3. How You Will Be Assessed During The Cabin Crew Interview
  5. Extracting The Cabin Crew Interview Questions From The Job Description
  6. The Different Type Of Cabin Crew Interview Questions
  7. Motivational Interview Questions
  8. Situational Interview Questions
  9. Dealing With Complaints
  10. S.T.A.R Technique For Answering Situational Interview Questions

11. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Why Do You Want To Be Cabin Crew?

12. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Why Do You Want To Work For This Airline?

13. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Does The Role Of Cabin Crew Involve And What Skills Are Required To Perform The Job To The Required Standard?

14. INTERVIEW QUESTION – How Will You Cope With The Change In Lifestyle?

15. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Do You Think Makes A Successful Cabin Crew Team?

16. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Describe A Situation When You Were Flexible At Work?

17. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Describe A Situation When You Worked As Part Of A Team To Complete A Difficult Task?

18. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Describe A Time When You Adapted To Change Within An Organisation?

19. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Describe A Time When You Completed A Task According To Guidelines?

20. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Describe A Time When You Dealt With A Difficult Customer?

21. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Is The Best Example Of Customer Service You Have Come Across?

22. INTERVIEW QUESTION – How Would You Deal With Somebody At Work Who Was Not Pulling Their Weight And Working As Part Of The Team?

23. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Are Your Weaknesses?

24. INTERVIEW QUESTION – How Would You Deal With This Situation? [PART 1]

25. INTERVIEW QUESTION – How Would You Deal With This Situation? [PART 2]

26. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Tell Me About A Time When You Changed How You Did Something In Response To Feedback From Someone Else?

27. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Challenges Will Our Airline Face In The Future And How Could You, As Cabin Crew, Help Us To Overcome These?

28. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Is The Most Challenging Situation You Have Ever Faced?

29. INTERVIEW QUESTION – Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years’ Time?

30. INTERVIEW QUESTION – What Makes You Better Than The Next Applicant?

31. Questions To Ask At The End Of The Interview

32. Final Closing Statement

33. Cabin Crew Interview Questions & Answers Manual

34. Cabin Crew Mock Interview


“I always have a hard time coordinating my thoughts verbally but this helped me. Thanks, I got the job.” – C. Thomas

“I found this course to be very helpful and informative in preparation for my upcoming tests and interviews.” – J. Phillips

“Good stuff with expert tuition. If you need that extra boost I’d highly recommend it!” – A. Ali

“Brilliant experience! The tutor took time to go through individual circumstances & offer his opinion rather than it being just a standard lesson… Recommended!!” – A. Storr

“Worked for me. The test questions were very helpful. The How2Become site is great!” – S. Deathridge

“The course is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend it if you are seriously thinking about your professional career.” – M. Lesicka

Online Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers Examples


  • What it takes to pass your air crew interview with the HIGHEST SCORES POSSIBLE;
  • How the panel are likely to assess you during your interview;
  • The difference between someone who fails their interview, and someone who PASSES!
  • How to make the best use of the Cabin Crew job description and the person
    specification for your particular role;
  • BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES for structuring your answers to the Cabin Crew interview questions to gain the highest scores possible;
  • An ABUNDANCE of Sample Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers!

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A: We have been creating interview resources for the past 14 years, helping people like you secure their dream role. As the material is our own, we can afford to give you free access for 14-days in the hope that you see how powerful our masterclass is and hopefully you’ll stick around and become a longtime customer, perhaps even recommend us to your friends.

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A: No problem. All of our customers are protected by our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee as we are 100% confident that the Cabin Crew interview training masterclass will help you. But if you aren’t happy with this powerful service within the first 13-days, let us know and we will cancel your membership so you aren’t charged. So you’ve really got nothing to lose!

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A: You can access the online course anywhere, on any device at any time! We have made sure our masterclass is fully accessible on PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones. Enrol today and you’ll be sent your personal login details via email instantly.

Q: How difficult are the practice questions/mock interviews?

A: We have made sure that we cover all the key components of a successful interview, no matter what your previous experience to ensure that this training will help everyone needing to prepare.

Q: Is this course suitable for any airline?

A: Yes, this online masterclass is suitable for any air crew interview, regardless of your previous experience or knowledge of the selection process.

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