The RAF Officer OASC Officer Aircrew and Selection Centre

Most candidates who attend the OASC will fail. It is a well known fact that only 1 out of 5 people who attend the selection centre will pass.

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Every year many candidates attend the RAF Officer Aircrew and Selection Centre OASC at the RAF College Cranwell. You will be required to undertake speed, distance and time test questions and two planning exercises. Only the select few will make the required grade with many people failing due to an inability to demonstrate the qualities required to become an RAF Officer.

RAF Officer OASC workbook, Speed Distance & Time and Planning Exercises Pack
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When are the RAF Competencies Assessed?

  • Confidence and Resilience – This is assessed during every stage of the OASC.
  • Oral Communication – This is also assessed during every stage.
  • Influence – Assessed during every stage with the exception of the Individual Problem Solving exercise.
  • Problem Solving – Assessed during every stage with the exception of the discussion exercise.
  • Teamwork – Assessed during every stage with the exception of the discussion and the individual problem solving exercise.

In the following video Richard McMunn provides you with insider tips and strategies for passing the OASC:

Preparing for the RAF Officer OASC Planning Exercises


Each syndicate member is given a copy of the exercise setting, some rough paper and a pencil. The setting, chosen from a number available, contains a map and the brief of an imaginary situation which the syndicate team has found itself in. There are normally two or more possible solutions to the problem and the aim is for the syndicate to arrive at a group-preferred solution.

The exercise is divided into three phases:


After the briefing, you are given 15 minutes for private study during which you are expected to acquaint yourself with the brief and setting, making whatever notes you wish and undertaking your own speed/distance/time calculations to arrive at one or more solutions.


Next, a 20-minute period is given for the group to discuss the options, check calculations and arrive at a team solution. No chairman is appointed and discussion is on a free-for-all basis.

During this phase, the Board, who take no active part in the discussion, will assess which members of the syndicate have influence, perception, comprehension and judgement and a note is made of their degree of involvement, cooperation and numeracy of each member.


There then follows a 20-25 minute phase during which the Board Chairman questions each member of the syndicate about the setting, the problem, the chosen solution, the rejected solutions and the calculations.

By the end of the questioning, the Board Member, who will have been marking throughout this period, will have noted the qualities apparent in each syndicate member (as well as confirming, or otherwise, those qualities already noted as above), in addition to mental agility, flexibility and reaction to pressure.


This exercise is similar in nature to the Group Planning exercise, and the scenario is selected from a number of options which the Boarding Officers possess. You have 20 minutes to understand and assess the problem, undertake calculations and decide which solution to present. You are then questioned for 10 minutes by a Board Member.

  • You will be questioned on the problem, your solution and the alternatives you considered.
  • While the candidate is being questioned, the Board Chairman is engaged in assessing the level of performance, commenting on confidence, work rate, perception, judgement, comprehension and numeracy.
  • The Board Member then leads the candidate through the possible alternatives and further assessment is based on receptiveness, flexibility, judgement, mental agility, composure, reaction to pressure, and decisiveness.
  • At the end of the question period, the Board discusses the performance and awards a percentage score. This continues until each member of the syndicate has been seen.

The Board President observes the performance of each candidate remotely by CCTV and makes his own judgement and assessments. Clearly, he is unable to observe each candidate’s performance in full, but he spends sufficient time on each candidate to form an opinion. Any major differences of opinion as to the qualities possessed by any candidate are discussed at the final debrief between the President and the Board Members.

Top tips for scoring high during the group/individual planning:

  • Demonstrate strength of character.
  • Don’t give in, even if things are going wrong.
  • Support your decision and consider all eventualities.
  • Improve general arithmetic and be competent in the use of speed, distance and time (SDT).
  • Be able to calculate SDT questions in your head, as well as being able to write them down. You can practice by getting a member of your family to ask you a series of SDT questions. This is great practice as you will be under pressure to answer the questions without the use of a calculator, pen and paper.
  • Keep an eye on the time. You need to come up with a solution to the problem.
  • Be alert and quick to respond to questions.
  • Never lie when answering questions from the assessors, they will see straight through it. If you do not know the answer to a question, then just say so.
  • Always remain calm. The questioning at the end of the exercise is designed to be tough and assess how well you cope under pressure.


Speed, Distance, and Time Tests Workbook
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This section of the workbook contains 100s of sample Speed, Distance and Time questions. It is imperative that you are competent in the use of SDT calculations when you attend the RAF Officer Selection Board – they are an integral part of testing throughout the assessment. This comprehensive workbook will provide you with a mass of sample questions including answers to the questions.


Planning Exercises For the Armed Forces
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The OASC Workbook contains 8 sample individual/group planning exercises varying in degrees of complexity. Each exercise will take you 15-20 minutes to complete. These exercises are an excellent resource for allowing you to hone your skills prior to the OASC assessment. Solutions to each exercise are also provided for you in the workbook.



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