Royal Marines Interview

The Royal Marines will assess you against a broad range of criteria. The criteria relates to your own personal attributes, qualities and also your knowledge of the Royal Marines.

If you are capable of providing the selecting officers with what they are looking for then your chances of success will greatly increase. Our powerful video training has been created in conjunction with serving Royal Marines Commandos to give you not only the interview questions, but also the answers.

Royal Marines Commando Interview Video Training
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Types of Royal Marine Interview Questions

The following is a list of areas you may be asked questions on during the Royal Marines interview:

  • The reasons why you want to join the Royal Marines.
  • What information you already know about the Royal Marines, its history, lifestyle and training.
  • About your hobbies and interests including sporting activities.
  • Your personal responsibilities.
  • Your achievements to date.
  • Information about your family and what they think about you joining. Do they support you?
  • Information based around your application form.
  • Your experience of work and education and whether you had/have any responsibilities at work.
  • Your emotional stability and your maturity.
  • Your drive and determination to succeed.
  • Having a positive reaction to the disciplined environment.
  • Your knowledge of life within the Royal Marines.
  • Questions surrounding your application.


Sample Royal Marines Interview Questions and Answers

Take a look at some of our sample interview questions and responses. This will help give you an idea of the types of questions you can expect during your Royal Marines interview.

Q. Why do you want to join the Royal Marines?

This is an almost guaranteed question and one that you should be prepared for. Think hard about the reasons why you want to become a Royal Marines Commando. What has attracted you to the job? Do you know what the job involves? Have you carried out sufficient research? Remember that the Royal Marines want to know if candidates have the determination, physical fitness, stamina, mental ability, cool headedness and the ability to rise to a challenge. The Royal Marines have an amazing history of achievement and pride themselves on being the elite of all the Armed Forces.

Q. Can you tell me what you have learnt about the Royal Marines basic training?

This type of question is designed to see how much knowledge you have of the basic training you will go through if you are successful. If you have no idea what training involves then there is a higher risk that you will not successfully finish the course.

Information about the Royal Marines basic training can be found in your recruitment literature and also by visiting the Royal Navy careers website, which can be found at


‘If I am successful during the selection process and the PRMC I will go to CTRM at Lympstone and start the 30-week course. There will be up to 60 other recruits at the beginning of the course. During the 30-week course I will learn the meaning of the word teamwork, learn how to react speedily to unpredictable situations, learn how to be smart and have good bearing, and understand the responsibilities of being a serviceman and upholding the reputation of the Royal Marines. The 30-week course is split up into 7 different sections. Section 1 is the foundation course, which is three weeks in total. This involves admin, drill and physical training. Section 2 is six weeks long and involves weapons training, map reading and exercises. Section 3 is four weeks long and is advanced skills training. Section 4 is seven weeks in total and is operations of war training. Section 5 is a two-week. Section 6 is professional commando course. Section 6 is professional training and the final 30th week is King’s Squad, which is drill and pre-leave admin.’

Royal Marines Commando Interview Video Training
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  • Top interview insider tips and advice.
  • How to pass the interview (both PRMC and AFCO).
  • Sample questions and answers.
  • Crucial tips on scoring high in the assessable areas.
  • Example mock interviews to help you.

Within this comprehensive 90-minute video training is all the information you need to help you pass the tough Royal Marines selection interview including tips on how to prepare effectively, how you will be scored, and also the interview questions that you will be asked during both the PRMC and the AFCO interviews!



  • In-depth information about the interview and what you need to do in order to pass.
  • Insider tips and advice from a successful candidate.
  • The assessable areas that you MUST be prepared for.
  • The commando state of mind and your mental preparation.
  • Creating the right impression both at the AFCO and the PRMC interview.
  • What the AFCO assessors are looking for.
  • The questions that you will be asked during the interview.
  • Advice on interview technique and how to score exceptionally high.
  • How to structure your responses to the Royal Marines interview questions.
  • Actual interview questions.
  • Sample responses to the interview questions.


  • 4 sample mock interview questions.
  • A professional tutor who has passed this type of interview.
  • An explanation to each of the interview responses.
  • Tips on answering the questions effectively.
  • Demonstrating the right qualities.
  • Top interview tips and techniques.
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Royal Marines Commando Interview Video Training

Royal Marines Commando Interview Video Training

[bullet_item text="4 sample mock interview questions;"] [bullet_item text="A professional tutor who has passed this type of interview;"] [bullet_item text="An explanation to each of the interview responses;"] [bullet_item text="Tips on answering the questions effectively;"] [bullet_item text="Demonstrating the right qualities;"] [bullet_item text="Top interview tips and techniques."]
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