Pass the Police Fitness Test in 2024

This audio CD is the exact disc used by the UK Police Force to assess candidates during the police officer selection process and endurance test.

In order to become a police officer you will need to be in good health and have a suitable level of fitness. Part of the selection process for becoming a police officer in the UK involves a medical and a series of fitness tests.

This webpage will not only provide you with appropriate information about the fitness test and what it involves, but it will also give you the actual bleep test that is used by Police Forces.

Bleep Fitness Test Audio CD
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About the Police Fitness Test

The main reasons why police officers have to pass a fitness test is simply because there is a need for them to run a reasonable distance during their day-to-day duties. You certainly do not need to be an Olympic athlete to pass the test; however, you should be of reasonable fitness and health.



The great thing about the assessment is that you do not have to be super-fit to pass it. The test is relevant to the role of a police officer and consists of two main elements:

  • This stage of the assessment involves a requirement to perform five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the Dynomachine to measure your strength.
  • The most effective way to prepare for this is to carry out lots of bench press exercises, lateral pull-down exercises and also press ups.
  • These types of exercises will help you to greatly improve your strength and stamina.
  • During the second stage of the assessment you will be asked to run backwards and forwards along a 15 metre track in time to a series of bleeps.
  • This test is exactly the same as the Bleep Test or the Multi-stage fitness test which is used by many high-performing athletes and footballers in today’s world of sport.
  • Although it is important that you pass the test at the first attempt, the good news is that you will get a further two times to pass it.

How to prepare for the Police Fitness Test

Because there are two elements to the test, it is important that you break down your training preparation in to two key areas.

The first area is carrying out plenty of exercises that will build up your upper-body strength and stamina. You do not need to carry out lots of heavy weight chest presses; however, you should aim for repetitions using your own body weight. Press-ups are ideal for this exercise, providing you utilise the correct technique.

You will notice that the above candidate is preparing for the police officer dynamic strength test by conducting press ups. You will also note that his arms are kept in close to his body as he carries out the press-ups. At the bottom of the exercise his chest does not tough the floor and his weight is supported by his arms and upper body; this is the main reason why this type of exercise is so effective for preparing for the dynamic strength test.

  • The most effective way to prepare for the test is to practice the actual test itself – the bleep test.
  • You will be required to run backwards and forwards in between a set of cones that are 15 metres apart.
  • You will carry on running whilst in time with a bleep and you must reach level 5.6 of the test.
  • In truth, level 5.6 of the bleep test is not that difficult to pass.
  • However, we do recommend that you obtain a copy of the test as people do still fail it as they are unfamiliar with the bleep and also how the test is conducted.
  • You can get a copy of the test delivered direct to your door below.
Bleep Fitness Test Audio CD
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Learn to pass the police officer fitness test!

product features:

  • 21 levels included on this CD;
  • Comes complete with progression chart;
  • Each level lasts 60 seconds;
  • Starting pace of 8.5 km/h.


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