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How To Use Commas

How2Become How to Use a Comma

A comma is often used to distinguish main clauses from secondary or subordinate clauses. Commas are frequently misused and therefore you shouldn’t use them unless you are sure that they’re appropriate. Instead, resort to employing full stops if you aren’t sure whether a comma would be correct. If part of a text feels complete, or contains a subject and verb, it is safe to define it with […]

How To Use Apostrophes

How2Become When Should I Use an Apostrophe

Apostrophes are used to indicate whether a word is possessive (the subject belongs to someone) or to indicate a contraction (shortened speech). In order to demonstrate that the subject is owned or belongs to a single person, we add an apostrophe before the s in the word. For example: ‘Samantha borrowed Frankie’s football.’

Jobs You Can Do From Home

Jobs you can do working from home

Working from home is something that is often considered as a perk and in the past these type of jobs were hard to come by. Many people who find working from home more beneficial to their wants and needs may explore working for themselves, as this has the bonus of setting your own hours and working around your lifestyle. However, it is not as easy as just setting up your own business and for many this is not a viable option.