Police Funding 2017: Major Update!

The police commissioner farce has put the force in a bad light

Fantastic news coming from the UK government this week, as it has been announced that the Home Office are allocating an extra £450 million in UK police funding. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on these plans, and explain how the new police funding measures will be implemented. Where is the police funding coming from? Obviously,

Norfolk PCSO Cuts: Good Or Bad?

Want to pass the met police detective direct entry application process? Check out our tips!

Some bad news coming out of Norfolk this week, as Norfolk Police Constabulary have declared their intention to stop using Police Community Support Officers. The move comes in the wake of recent police budget cuts, and the constabulary’s desire to tackle more complex crimes that fall outside the scope of PCSO work – such as

RAF Women: Combat Roles Now Open!

Fantastic news today, as it has emerged that the Royal Air Force (RAF) have opened up combat roles for women. Not only that, but soon the change will be extended to all further branches of the military! As from today, Friday 1st September 2017, the ground force of the RAF will become Britain’s first military

How2Become Grenfell Tower Donations

The qualities needed to become a Fire Fighter

UPDATE: How2Become were able to raise £312.46 in the month of June. Our donation was made to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. You’ve most certainly heard about the tragedy that happened at Grenfell Tower in the early morning hours of Wednesday 14th June. The fire at this 24-storey residential tower has caused great devastation to

MET Police Detectives: Direct Entry Now Open

The government have announced a brand new police funding project

Great news this week, as the Metropolitan Police have announced a bold new scheme. For the first time ever, the Met police will be recruiting new detectives, without the need for the new employees to have worked in the police beforehand. This scheme is known as Police Detectives: Direct Entry. It’s a scheme has been