Is It Too Easy To Join The Armed Forces?

A Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 pilot with IX (Bomber) Squadron based at RAF Marham arriving at United States Air Force Base Nellis in Nevada.Seven Tornado GR4 fast jets were taking part in Exercise Red Flag, a joint US/UK Air Force exercise that facilitates the understanding of fast jet operating procedures between the two allied nations.

The Armed Forces of the UK have been under some criticism lately, for the perceived ease of their recruitment tests. Many people see the Armed Forces as far too easy to get into, and have claimed that this damages the efficiency and integrity of the organisation as a whole. In this blog, we’ll investigate whether

Tolkien Reading Day: Free Book Offer

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Here at How2Become, we are always appreciative of fantastic authors and book. With this in mind, we couldn’t go without reminding everyone that today is Tolkien Reading Day! In this blog, we’ll show you how to celebrate and why! What is Tolkien Reading Day Tolkien Reading Day is an annual event that is held on


Nutty Professor

WHAT IS PI DAY – PI DAY = 3.14159265359… PI DAY = 3.14159265359…   Pi day is an annual celebration which is celebrated on the 14th March. It is observed on this day because this represents (the month/day format = 3/14) and this represents the first 3 significant numbers of pi. AND ITS EVEN MORE

Functional Skills Qualifications: 2016 Reform


Recent news indicates that Functional skills qualifications are set to be reformed, in the subjects of English and Maths. This was brought to national attention by the Nick Boles, the Skills Minister for the UK, who announced the changes. How2Become, ever focused on the changing spectrum of education, decide to investigate. What are the Functional