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Ex-Thomas Cook Employees: What Happens Next?

If you are one of the ex-Thomas Cook employees, we can help!

In the last week, the world’s oldest and largest travel group collapsed. The end of Thomas Cook has left holiday plans in tatters, and hundreds of thousands of people stranded in airports and hotels around the world. With the company going bust, approximately twenty-one thousand people have lost their jobs.

Cabin Crew Selection Process: Ten Top Tips For Assessment Success

Brush up on your knowledge of the cabin crew selection process!

In order to become Cabin Crew you’ll need to pass a number of stringent assessment tests and interviews. Airlines place enormous importance on the quality of their staff – as cabin crew are customer facing, and important representatives of the airline itself. In this blog, we’ll provide you with ten top tips for passing the […]

Cabin Crew Interview Preparation – Research

As with any job interview you’ll face, research will make up a very important part of your cabin crew interview preparation. Of course, you will need to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the industry and what the role entails, but the bulk of your research should be focused on the specific airline you […]

Cabin Crew Interview Checklist – 5 Top Tips

So, you’ve passed all the elements of the Cabin Crew selection process, including the online application, the various tests, the assessment day, and the group exercise! Congratulations, you must be tired. But, it’s not time to rest yet. You still have one vital stage left (and it’s make or break): the final Cabin Crew interview. […]

7 Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re serious about becoming a flight attendant (also known as a steward, stewardess, or cabin crew), you need to be prepared for the interview questions you’re most likely to be faced with. This free guide is going to take a look at the most frequently asked cabin crew interview questions and answers. What do […]

Insight Into The Cabin Crew Team Assessment Day

Cabin Crew Team Assessment Day AN EXPLANATION The number of candidates taking part in the team assessment will vary from airline to airline, but to give you an idea, there are usually about a dozen. At the beginning of the team assessment, you will be provided with a brief and you will then be given […]

Personal Presentation When Working As Cabin Crew

Cabin crew are the face of the airline and therefore, it is essential that you dress appropriately and take care of your personal hygiene and application of make-up  Your standard or presentation needs to be very high as you will be expected to be a role model for the airline you are working for. Here, we’ll […]

The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew

The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew Members of cabin crew have two main roles in their job; these are the safety of all the passengers and delivering great customer service. Cabin crew must have excellent interpersonal skills and these will be assessed throughout the selection process and will play an important part in your […]