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Armed Forces Group Discussion Topics

Armed Forces Group Discussion Topics

Applying for an officer role in the UK armed forces requires a deep understanding of current affairs and the ability to discuss them intelligently. Group discussions are a common part of the selection process, where candidates must demonstrate their awareness and […]

Join the Army: How to Join & Start Your British Army Career

Join the Army (How to Join & Start Your British Army Career)

Considering a career change or new opportunity? The British Army offers a variety of roles, from combat to engineering. This comprehensive guide explains how to join the army, making your path to joining the Army as smooth as possible.

Join the British Army: Top 5 Tips to Pass the Army Selection Process

Joining the British Army is no easy feat. Whether you’re a British National, Dual-National, or Commonwealth citizen, roles within the British Army are incredibly competitive. Therefore, you need to be at the top of your game if you’re to succeed.