What Is A Police Communications Officer?

A Police Communications Officer is the first point of contact for all 999 emergency and high priority calls for police assistance.  It is estimated that around 80,000 emergency calls are made within the UK every single day.  The role of a Police Communications Officer is a wide and varied position comprising early, late and night

How To Pass Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests

  Non-verbal reasoning tests are psychometric examinations of your ability to visualise patterns, shapes and formations. The tests are specifically based around your ability to solve problems using pictures, rather than words. They are used by employers to determine which candidates have high levels of critical thinking, logical ability, mathematical ability and powers of deduction.

How To Pass Telephone Interviews

How To Pass Telephone Interviews   PRODUCTS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN At how2become we offering our brand new telephone interviews questions and answers workbook which covers the top 30 questions and how to respond. Simply click on the image below to find out more:  VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Hi there and welcome to “How to Pass