Army Officer Fitness Test 2016: Top Tips

Army Officers are amongst the most integral and well trained professionals within the national service. Officers command teams of up to 30 soldiers, and therefore it’s essential that you have a number of qualities. These qualities include: great leadership skills, discipline and fitness. In this blog, we’ll be concentrating on the latter, and the army

PSNI Police Officer Eligibility Criteria

PSNI stands for Police Service Northern Ireland. It is the official and recognised police service of Northern Ireland, and works in partnership with local communities to maintain peace and prevent crime. The selection process to join the PSNI is extremely competitive. Over 7500 people apply to join the force every single year, with only around

Train Driver Eligibility Criteria

Train drivers work for local and national rail companies servicing passengers, freight trains, or pulling engineering equipment related to track maintenance. A train driver needs to be able to concentrate for long periods of time, want to work 35 hours per week, and have customer service related skills. Drivers also have to react to unexpected

Police Eligibility Criteria

Service positions in which a candidate needs to protect, serve, and deal with sometimes physically difficult situations have requirements that need to be met for eligibility to train and gain employment. The UK Police Service is no different in that it has a minimum age requirement, medical/fitness requirement, and other criteria. Age of Applicant To

Fire Fighter Eligibility Criteria

Joining the various UK Fire and Rescue Services can take several years of commitment. Many of the fire fighters currently a part of the service department have spent months and even years applying to be accepted based on the eligibility requirements. Before you can even fill out the application form it is best to be

RAF Eligibility Criteria

For RAF women, the future is today!

The Royal Air Force or RAF is an equal opportunity employer meaning that no race, social, cultural, religious background is discriminated against. It does not matter if a candidate is male, female, or gay. The RAF likes to recruit a variety of individuals to ensure that all careers are filled with proper candidates from all

Paramedic Eligibility Criteria

The NHS structure changes could have a major impact!

Paramedics are just one part of the ambulance service team. Paramedics are responsible for the safety of their patient and emergency care and therefore they require more than a standard level of education in order to perform their duties. GCSEs, A-Levels, and University education is necessary to be a part of the paramedic team. Ambulance drivers