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Civil Service Careers – Part 2: Find Your Dream Department

Our guidance on finding the right civil service careers, can make a world of difference.

From public service roles to engineering, there’s a job for every person in the Civil Service, whatever your interests or skillset. In the second part of this Civil Service guide, we’ll be looking at some more departments and what they do – to help identify which are the perfect civil service careers for you!

Civil Service Departments: Which One Is Right For You?

Civil Service Departments are multiple and varied!

The UK Civil Service is made up of an enormous variety of different departments and specialist agencies, all created with the aim of reflecting what the government does. This means that if you are seeking employment with the UK Civil Service, you have many different choices and options to consider.

Civil Service Success Profiles: Maximise Your Recruitment Potential

Learn the civil service success profiles, and achieve your dream career!

In order to ensure that UK Civil Service employees are operating to the best possible standards, the Civil Service has introduced a comprehensive and detailed behavioural framework, which is designed to assess candidates for the Civil Service against a set of specific behavioural criteria and expectations.

Civil Service Administrator Jobs: How To Work For The Civil Service

Working as a Civil Service Administrator requires great organisation!

The civil service of the United Kingdom is one of the most diligent and respected organisations in the world. The civil service helps the government to develop and implement national policies as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this, the civil service is divided into hundreds of different departments, all of them focusing on specific areas.

Civil Service Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC)

The UK Civil Service plays a significant role in the governance and management of the UK. By helping to develop and implement new policies and procedures, the Civil Service has established itself as Britain’s premier public sector organisation. To get a job in the Civil Service, you’ll need to pass a number of difficult tests […]

Civil Service Fast Stream Competencies

When preparing to attend the Civil Service fast stream assessment centre, you need to spend a considerable amount of time learning the key competencies. These are qualities that the Civil Service are looking for in candidates. This means it’s important that you take the time to come up with examples in your career and life […]

E-Tray Exercises for the Civil Service

During the Civil Service Fast Stream application process, you may be invited to participate in E Tray exercises. These are activities which test your ability to handle workload, as well as make quick decisions about what to say and do. Today, we’ll be taking a look at an example exercise so that you can get […]

Civil Service Qualifying Tests – Practice Questions

The UK Civil Service is an influential part of the Government. They aim to implement strategies and policies within society, in order to provide harmony and assist the public. To join the Civil Service as an Administrative, you will need to undergo the Civil Service Qualifying Tests. This blog will provide you with sample questions […]

Civil Service Fast Stream: The Go To Guide

  The UK Civil Service plays a significant role as part of the Government. The Civil Service helps to develop and implement new policies and procedures and enforce them in society. They primarily provide a service directed to all people across the country in order to support and assist issues such as: Paying benefits; Healthcare; […]