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Firefighter Online Interview

How2Become Firefighter Online Interview

The interview is designed to assess your knowledge of a firefighter’s role and, in particular, how you can meet the personal qualities and attributes that are relevant to the role. The majority of questions are usually based around the personal qualities and attributes (PQAs) but you should also prepare for […]

13 Tough Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers


The firefighter interview is well recognised as being extremely challenging. Candidates not only have to demonstrate that they have the skills and qualities needed to be a firefighter, but they must also demonstrate that they match the fire service’s competencies and values – also known as the PQAs.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Selection Process

Learn how to join The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service with this blog!

In order to work for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, you’ll need to go through a difficult selection process, and match all of the criteria that the recruiting team is looking for. Naturally, it is not easy to become a firefighter, either in Scotland or anywhere else in the world. Only a certain type of person is right for this role, and that is why it’s imperative that the selection process identifies the strongest possible candidates.

The Firefighter Recruitment Process: How To Join The UK Fire Service

Become A Firefighter

The UK Fire Service are one of the most elite and respected organisations in the country. With this in mind, the recruitment criteria to become a firefighter is extremely strict, and you will have to pass a wide variety of assessments in order to gain entry into the service. In this blog, we’ll explore the Firefighter recruitment process, what it involves, and how you can pass!

Why Do You Want to Be a Firefighter Interview Question

firefighter interview

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A FIREFIGHTER INTERVIEW QUESTION At How2Become, if we had a pound every time somebody asked us how should I answer the WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A FIREFIGHTER interview question, we’d be extremely wealthy by now! This is an almost guaranteed question during the tough firefighter interview, and […]

Fire and Rescue Service Behavioural Styles Questionnaire Examples

When applying to join a Fire and Rescue Service in the UK, you will probably have to undertake a Behavioural Styles Questionnaire or similar personality test. During this test, you will be presented with a number of statements that deal with work-like situations as well as more generic behaviour. Some Behavioural Styles Questionnaire examples could […]

Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test

Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test – Video Assessment The main duty of a Fire Control Operator (FCOp) is to obtain enough information from the caller and, within 90 seconds of taking the call, decide what fire crews and equipment need to be sent to the incident. The Fire Control Operator Number Recall Test […]

Medical Exam for Fire Fighters

During the selection process for firefighters, candidates will be asked to attend a medical examination for evaluation. A Fire and Rescue Service Doctor will ask for the GP medical records and conduct their own exam to determine if a candidate is physically fit to perform fire and rescue procedures required. The Tests Seven tests are […]