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GCSE Results Day 2018 – GCSE Opportunities and Career Paths

It’s GCSE results day – Congratulations! You made it through the painstaking months of learning, studying, revising, sitting your exams, and then waiting for this special day. The hard part is over, and you now get to bask in the glory of all your efforts. Take a moment or two – or perhaps a few […]

GCSE Results Day 2018 – Everything You Need to Know


GCSE Results Day 2018 is fast approaching. This Thursday, on the 23rd of August, students across the UK will be receiving their GCSE results – the fruits of their hard work over the past 2 to 3 years. Students will be understandably nervous, since their results now will have an impact on their academic futures […]

Ways to Save Money as a Student

Finding ways to save money as a student might seem difficult. However, there are plenty of options available. While students often have the reputation of being skint because they’ve spent all of their money on alcohol and ready meals, there are a number of ways in which you can save as much money at university […]

University Stuff Checklist – What to Take to Uni With You

Figuring out what to bring to university can be tricky. So, we’ve compiled a university stuff checklist to make things easier. This university stuff checklist is divided into the following sections: Vital documents – these are things you must bring with you, such as your admissions letter, identification, and bank details. Bringing these with you […]

Birmingham Grammar School 11 Plus Test

The Consortium of Grammar Schools in Birmingham From 2011, there has been a consortium in Birmingham made up of the following eight schools: Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School; King Edward VI Aston School; King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys; King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls; King Edward VI Five Ways School; King […]

NSAA Preparation – What is the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment?

The Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA) is entrance exam carried out by the University of Cambridge in order to assess prospective undergraduates hoping to study with them in the following subject areas: Natural Sciences, Veterinary Science, and Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences). According to the university, this exam is carried out in order to “differentiate […]

TSA Oxford | The Fast-track Online Guide to Success

The TSA, or Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford is an exam taken by those wishing to apply to certain undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford. It aims to help assess whether students possess the desired set of skills and abilities required for the following courses: Economics and Management Experimental Psychology Geography Human Sciences Philosophy and […]

Oxbridge Interview Preparation | A Guide to Success

As of this year, Times Higher Education have named Oxford and Cambridge the top two universities in the entire world. So, it might seem a little daunting to apply for a place at one of these two prestigious universities. Oxbridge interview preparation needs to be taken very seriously. This is because places at Oxford and […]

Introduction to the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)

  What is the TSA?   The TSA, or Thinking Skills Assessment, is designed to test whether you have the problem solving and critical thinking skills which are crucial for your university studies. It is used by Cambridge, Oxford and UCL (University College London). The test varies in style and length depending on which university […]

How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement | Examples and Advice

When it comes to your application process for university or other elements of higher education, you’ll need to complete a personal statement. This is a form of cover letter in your application which will preface your qualifications – a primer on who you are as a person, and why you think you’d be suitable for […]