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How to Ace Your Next A-Level Essay – 3 Essay Writing Tricks

Essay Writing Tricks Featured

If you’re taking an essay-based A-Level subject such as English Literature, History, Geography, or Religious Studies, then you need to be able to write killer essays. Essays are used in exams to judge how well a candidate can convey and expand on their ideas, and so it’s extremely important that you know how to write […]

The Paramedic Science Degree Interview: Questions And Answers

[Online] How to Become A Paramedic Course

Competition for paramedic roles is fiercely competitive. For every opportunity, you can expect that there will be hundreds of other applicants fighting for the same position as you. With this in mind, it’s essential that you can give yourself the maximum advantage when applying. A great way to do this, is to complete a paramedic […]

English Speaking Skills: Body Language, Tone, and More!

Improving your English speaking skills takes hard work and perserverance

When you take your KS3 English examinations, you’ll be assessed not only on your ability to use grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also your ability to communicate via spoken English. In this blog, we’ll provide you with some top tips on how to improve your English speaking skills, via body language. English Speaking Skills: Assessment […]

How to Write With Dyslexia – 5 More Steps for Writing Assignments With Dyslexia

How to Write With Dyslexia Featured

If you’re a student with dyslexia, you might find it difficult to write essays and assignments. In a previous post, we looked at the first 5 steps for writing an assignment with dyslexia. You can find that here: Writing Assignments With Dyslexia – Studying With Dyslexia. Let’s take a look at 5 more steps for […]

Apply For QTS: Teacher Training Routes 2019

In order to work as a teacher, you will need at least one of two fundamental qualifications. You can either qualify via the QTS qualification (Qualified Teacher Status) or the QTLS qualification (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills). Once you have achieved one or both of these, you’ll go on to complete an NQTS (Newly Qualified […]

Writing Assignments With Dyslexia – Studying With Dyslexia

Writing Assignments With Dyslexia

If you’re studying at school or university and have dyslexia, you might find it difficult. So, we’ve created a step-by-step plan for students writing assignments with dyslexia. Step 1 – Write Down Ideas – Writing Assignments With Dyslexia Before collecting your research or making notes, it’s time to get your initial thoughts about the question […]