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Post-Brexit Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019 Preparation – Make Yourself Brexit-Proof for 2019!

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

If one thing’s certain, it’s that the future of UK business is uncertain. With Brexit looming, big changes could come to almost every single industry in the UK. So, as a graduate, it’s important to get plenty of graduate aptitude tests 2019 preparation. Therefore, we’ll take a quick look at what Graduate Aptitude Tests are, […]

Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – Competence

As a graduate, you might be asked to sit a graduate aptitude personality test as part of an application process. Graduate Aptitude Personality tests are fairly common. Therefore, you need to be ready for them. Here, we’ll take a look at the personality test which assesses the quality of ‘competence’. Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – […]

Graduate Aptitude Psychometric Tests – Types of Graduate Psychometric Test

Graduate Aptitude Psychometric Tests

If you’re looking for a graduate job, then be ready to sit an array of different graduate aptitude psychometric tests. These tests are used by employers to find the candidate that matches their standards. Employers often use graduate aptitude psychometric tests in the earlier stages of the application process – typically before telephone interviews and […]

TSA Test Types (Thinking Skills Assessment)

TSA Test Types

There are 3 main TSA Test Types, and the one you take will depend on the university that you are applying to. Let’s take a look at the different TSA Test Types: Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL. The Different TSA Exams – TSA Test Types The exact content and structure of the TSA will change depending […]

Train Driver Tests – More Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers

Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers

In our previous post, we took a look at Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers. Here, we’re going to be taking a look at some more Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers. Question 1 – Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers You have been working in a team for […]

Train Driver Tests – Sample Situational Judgement Tests

Train Driver

Train Driver Tests Situational Judgement Tests The use of Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs), sometimes known as Situational Judgement Exercises (SJEs), allow employers to gain an understanding of how a person would act in a given situation. Situational Judgement Tests are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process. It allows employers to gain access to a […]

In-Tray Tips – 3 More Tips for Passing Your Next In-Tray Exercise

In-Tray Tips

In our last post, we discussed three In-Tray tips for passing your next In-Tray exercise. Here, we’re going to be taking a look at three more tips for passing In-Tray exercises! There Aren’t Always Right or Wrong Answers – In-Tray Tips In some cases, there isn’t a right or wrong solution to the task given. […]

In-Tray Tips – How to Pass Your Next In-Tray Exercise

In-Tray Exercise

If you’re applying for a graduate job or a graduate scheme, it’s possible that you’ll face an In-Tray exercise as part of the application process. In-Tray exercises are testing environments which assess your ability to receive, prioritise, and then complete a variety of tasks under a specific time-frame. Here, we’re going to be taking a […]

Kent Test Results Day 2018 – What Comes Next?

Kent Test Results Day 2018

Kent Test results day 2018 was Thursday, 11th October. If your child sat the Kent Test back in September, then you will have received their results on Thursday. These results will have been sent via email, and if you have a Kent County Council account you can log in and see your child’s results at […]

GCSE Results Day 2018 – Everything You Need to Know


GCSE Results Day 2018 is fast approaching. This Thursday, on the 23rd of August, students across the UK will be receiving their GCSE results – the fruits of their hard work over the past 2 to 3 years. Students will be understandably nervous, since their results now will have an impact on their academic futures […]