Army Officer Selection Board Assessment Tests

Army Officer Selection Board Assessments

Army Officer Selection Board Assessment

The Army Officer Selection Board Assessment is arguably the toughest element of the selection process for candidates joining the Army as an Officer. After completing the two-day briefing this is the next stage of the rigorous selection process that is designed to identify candidates with the skills, aptitude, and potential to excel in the demanding officer roles within the British Army.

What You Are Assessed On During Army Officer Selection Board Assessment Exercises

These elements that comprise the AOSB collectively ensure that candidates are thoroughly evaluated on their physical fitness, intellectual capabilities, leadership potential, teamwork, communication skills, personal qualities, and overall suitability for a role as an officer in the British Army.

The components of the AOSB assessments are:

Psychometric Tests:
Assesses: Higher-level cognitive abilities and logical reasoning.
Against: Intellectual capacity and problem-solving potential.

Bleep Test:
Assesses: Cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
Against: Physical standards for officer training.

Leaderless Tasks:
Assesses: Teamwork, initiative, collaboration, and ability to contribute to group success.
Against: Capacity to work effectively in a team without a designated leader.

Final Interview:
Assesses: Personal background, motivations, understanding of the Army, and overall suitability.
Against: Depth of commitment, values, personal qualities, and potential as an officer.

Discussion Exercises:
Assesses: Communication skills, ability to articulate thoughts, and engage in constructive debate.
Against: Verbal reasoning, communication, and teamwork.

Group Planning Exercise:
Assesses: Strategic thinking, teamwork, and logical reasoning.
Against: Capacity to work collaboratively and develop effective plans.

Individual Planning Exercise:
Assesses: Independent problem-solving, analytical skills, and decision-making.
Against: Ability to think logically and devise sound solutions independently.

Command Tasks:
Assesses: Leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork.
Against: Ability to lead and manage a team under challenging conditions.

Medical Examination:
Assesses: Physical health and medical fitness.
Against: Army’s health and medical standards for service.

Psychological Assessment:
Assesses: Mental resilience, emotional stability, and stress handling.
Against: Psychological readiness for the demands of military life.

What To Expect During The Army Officer Selection Board Assessment Exercises

Psychometric Tests:
Advanced Numerical and Verbal Reasoning to further assess your cognitive abilities.

Bleep Test:
A shuttle run test to measure cardiovascular fitness and endurance. The minimum level you should aim to reach is 8.7.

Leaderless Tasks:
Work with a team to accomplish tasks without a designated leader, assessing your ability to collaborate and contribute to group success.

Final Interview:
Conducted by senior officers, focusing on your background, motivations, understanding of the Army, and suitability for an officer role.

Discussion Exercises:
Participate in discussions on various topics, testing your communication skills, ability to articulate thoughts, and engage in constructive debate.

Group Planning Exercise:
Work as a team to solve a complex problem, demonstrating logical thinking, teamwork, and leadership potential. You will be given a scenario and must devise a plan to solve the problem, demonstrating your ability to think independently and logically.

Command Tasks:
Lead your team through a series of outdoor practical tasks designed to test your leadership, problem-solving skills, and ability to work under pressure.

Medical Examination:
Comprehensive health check to ensure you meet the Army’s medical standards.

Psychological Assessment:
Evaluates your mental resilience, emotional stability, and ability to handle stress.

AOSB Top Tips For Success

Preparation is key to success for every Army Officer Selection Board assessment. Here are our tips to help you be fully prepared:

  1. Research the British Army: Understand the Army’s values, mission, and the role you’re applying for.
  2. Physical Fitness: Start training early to meet and exceed the fitness standards.
  3. Practice Leadership Skills: Engage in team activities, take on leadership roles, and practice decision-making under pressure.
  4. Appearance and bearing: Throughout the AOSB assessments you are being watched all of the time, it is important that you conduct yourself in the correct manner. This means always looking smart, formal and speaking maturely.
  5. Mock Interviews: Practice interview scenarios with peers or mentors to refine your communication skills and responses.
  6. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with current affairs, especially those related to defense.
  7. Manage Stress: Develop techniques to manage stress effectively, as the AOSB, especially the planning exercise, can be intense.
  8. Follow Instructions: Pay close attention to instructions during assessments to demonstrate your ability to follow orders accurately.
  9. Seek Feedback: After practice assessments or interviews, seek constructive feedback to identify areas for improvement.
  10. Stay Confident: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Confidence can make a significant difference during assessments.


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