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CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents


The consortium of selective schools in Essex requires pupils to take two tests (one English, one Maths) in order to gain entry into any of the following ten selective schools:

  1. Colchester County High School for Girls.
  2. Colchester Royal Grammar School.
  3. King Edward VI Grammar School.
  4. Shoeburyness High School.
  5. Southend High School for Boys.
  6. Southend High School for Girls.
  7. St. Bernard’s High School for Girls.
  8. St. Thomas More High School for Boys.
  9. Westcliff High School for Boys.
  10. Westcliff High School for Girls.


The CSSE Essex 11+ Test applies to these ten schools only.

This blog will provide guidance for parents on everything you need to be aware of regarding the exams including crucial dates, the application process from start to finish and commonly asked questions.

CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents: Introduction and things to remember

    • Students will take the Maths and English 11+ Tests in the selective school that parents have chosen as their favoured examination centre.
    • If an examination centre is filled up to its maximum number of pupils an alternative centre will be assigned, or a different date will be given.
    • CSSE recommend registering your child as soon as possible to ensure your preferred date and examination centre.


  • The SIF (Supplementary Information Form) needs to be filled out either online or by post by the 21st July 2017.
  • Note that if you opted to fill out your SIF by post a copy of your completed form will be sent out to you to confirm your registration.
  • If you opted to register online you will be able to print off your registration documents including candidate number but CSSE note you will not be sent any confirmation by e-mail confirming your registration. In this you will have noted:


  • Your child’s names;
  • The date of birth of your child;
  • Your Home Local Authority (the authority in which you live);
  • The examination centre you have chosen for your child;
  • Any special needs or medical circumstances that CSSE should be made aware of;
  • Any religious objections or exceptional circumstances which would possibly prevent your child from sitting the exams on the given dates;
  • Note that requests for any kind of adjustments must have been made in writing and by the 30th June 2017 for this year’s exams;
  • You only need to provide a password if you do not wish your child’s primary school to be able to see their test results.

CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents: The Process

  • The SIF is required in addition to your Local Authority Common Application Form.
  • The Local Authority Common Application Form names your preferences of schools and the SIF registers your child to sit the 11+ examinations. BOTH must be completed.
  • The Local Authority Common Application Form becomes available in September 2017.
  • Once it has been completed it must then be sent back to your Home Local Authority by the 31st October 2017 at the very latest for the Essex and Southend Local authorities.
  • You can also download the Secondary Schools Admission booklet from your Local Authority’s website or request a paper copy to be sent out.
  • A letter will be posted at the beginning of September to those who completed all the forms which will confirm the school your child will be sitting the exam at, the day of the exam and the time you should arrive by.
  • Results will be sent out first class to candidates on the 16th October 2017 including a sheet explaining the results.
  • If you registered online you will be able to look up your child’s results there from the 17th October.
  • Place offers will then be sent out by your Home Local Authority by March 1st 2018.

CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents: Breakdown of Upcoming Dates

  • 8th September 2017 – by this time all letters should have been received confirming examination centre places and dates.
  • 23rd September 2017 – Date that the majority of exams will be taken.
  • 3rd October 2017 – Date that remaining tests will be taken for exceptional circumstances, religious exceptions or illness.
  • 16th October 2017 – Date that results are sent out by first class post. Parents who registered their children online are able to look up results from the 17th October. CSSE advise that you should not contact them regarding a missing letter until the 19th of October.
  • September – October 2017 – Parents fill in applications to their Local Authority to make an application for school places. The closing date for returning these applications is the 31st October.
  • 1st March 2018 – Local Authorities will send out secondary school offers.

CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents: Commonly asked questions

    1. What should my child bring to their exams?

A. The only thing that children sitting the exams need to bring with them are pencils, pens and an eraser if they wish.
Children do not need to wear school uniform when sitting the exams.
Calculators are not permitted and neither are dictionaries.
Mobile phones should not be brought with children either and won’t be allowed in the room in which the exams take place.
Food and drink are also not permitted unless CSSE have been notified of a medical condition that requires them.
Pupils will be given refreshment break times which will be confirmed when the letters are sent out.

    1. What if my child falls ill on the day of the exam?

A. If your child falls ill on the day and are unable to take the exam you must contact the examination centre and let them know. You must then obtain confirmation from your doctor and the test can be arranged on another date.

  1. Questions regarding the admissions procedure including preferences and appeals
  • CSSE advise that you should list the schools you wish to choose in the order of your and your child’s preference. Putting a CSSE School at number one will not affect your application to any of the other schools in your list.
  • If you place another school above a CSSE school and your child meets the criteria for both, you will be offered a place at the first school and not the second one.
  • If your child does not meet the criteria of their first choice, then the second choice school will move up and they will be offered a place there if they meet these criteria.
  • Information regarding appeals are sent out by Local Authorities when offer letters are sent out in March 2018.


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