Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs

Facing the firefighter selection process in Australia can be a daunting task. See below for our list of Australian firefighter recruitment FAQs.

australian firefighter recruitment faqs

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 1 – How do I apply?

Applications are all done online, through your relevant state government website. However, the window for being able to apply are usually only open for a couple of weeks every year. You must follow instructions exactly, uploading all relevant documents asked of you. This will include a resume and ID documents. When open to applications, the instructions for completing this first stage of the application process are always provided clearly on State Fire Department or Service Websites.

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 2 – Are there educational requirements?

Candidates do not have to meet any formal educational requirements when looking to become a firefighter. Recruiters are generally satisfied by a school education up to a Year 10 level. That said, candidates will have to successfully carry out a number of written tests during the process. This could include literacy and numeracy tests, as well as aptitude tests in the areas of reasoning ability and mechanical ability. To pass these, candidates will need to revise and practise hard!

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 3 – Do I need any qualifications?

As stated above, there are no educational credentials required for the role. However, there are some citizens’ qualifications that you will need to hold before applying. Firstly, you will need a formal First Aid certificate, usually the Senior First Aid Level 2. Also, you will need a driving licence. However, the type of driving licence you need will vary depending on which state you are in. A clean Class C Licence could be enough, or you might even need an HR-B Licence for heavy vehicles before you apply. Please check your state’s government website for clarification on this.

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 4 – Can I apply from overseas or other states?

Generally, you can, although you will have to be a citizen or a Permanent Resident of Australia or New Zealand. Please note that you will have to attend interviews and tests in the State you are applying to, which may involve travel costs on your part. Also, different things you will have to attend will take place on different dates, which are usually non-negotiable. However, travel expenses represent the only cost that you will incur during the process.

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 5 – Are there health requirements?

In every state, you will need to be subjected to a medical assessment as part of the recruitment process. So, if you have a health condition it could affect your chances. For example, if you have severe issues with vision or hearing, or have asthma, your application will be affected. However, this assessment is done on a case-by-case basis; you will not be excluded for health reasons before the process begins.

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 6 – How long does the selection process take?

A successful application to join an Australian Fire Service or Department will usually take around 6 months. This includes interviews, tests, and mandatory training. Based on pass rates, the process will only last around 8-10 weeks for most applicants. In addition, should you fail the process, you are free to apply again but will have to do so from scratch. Most Fire Services in Australia do not keep a record on their unsuccessful candidates, so having failed before will not affect your chances of success in a future application.

Australian Firefighter Recruitment FAQs 7 – How many jobs are available compared to the number of applicants?

Competition for firefighting roles in Australia is extremely high. The number of applications received is usually several times higher than the number of places available, which leads to many capable applicants being turned away. Data from many states has suggested that many excellent candidates found themselves having to go through the process up to 5 times before they were successful. This shows that even one or more unsuccessful applications shouldn’t dishearten you from applying!

australian firefighter recruitment faqs

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