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How to Become a Police Officer – The Routes into Policing

how to become a police officer

This blog will focus on the three entry routes commonly used by the home office police services when recruiting police officers. We will discuss the requirements to qualify for each entry route and take a closer look at what is involved, allowing you to make the best-informed decision based on your circumstances and qualifications.

The Police Officer Initial Application Sift

In this blog we are going to discuss the 3 different sifting processes you may come across during the early stages of the selection process. We will also look at the most common assessments you will have to undertake and pass to progress in the selection process to become a police officer.

Police Online Assessment Written Exercise Stage 3a Practice Questions

Police written exercise free practice exercise

In this blog we are going to give you the opportunity to practice a brand new Police Online Assessment Written Exercise Question. This question includes a unique scenario not available anywhere else. Feel free to post your suggested answers, for feedback from the How2become team

How to Join the Civil Service

how to become a civil servant

In order to ensure that UK Civil Service employees are operating to the best possible standards, the Civil Service has introduced a comprehensive and detailed behavioural framework, which is designed to assess candidates for the Civil Service against a set of specific behavioural criteria and expectations.

The 999 Call Handler Audio Typing Test

999 call handler audio tests

If you are applying to become a Police Communications Officer or 999 Call Handler, you will have to undergo a number of challenging assessments which assess your ability to gather the required information, while remaining calm under pressure in a number of true-to-life stressful simulations. Let’s start by looking at what an audio typing test […]

3 Career Change Ideas – How and When to Change Careers

New Jobs To Retrain In No Experience

Are you currently thinking of a career change? This is a thought process which many go through on a regular basis and it can be a daunting experience. In this blog we are going to explore the reasoning behind changing your career, look at how to change your career and some possible roles you may want to consider for your career change. We will also explain what you must take into account before deciding to change your career.

South African Police Recruitment: Become A South African Police Officer

Our blog on SAPS is a surefire way to improve your career prospects.

The South African Police Service, or SAPS as it is better known, is the national police force of South Africa. With a total of 1,138 police stations divided amongst the nine provinces of South Africa, it’s fair to say that there are a wide number of locations you can apply to. But, with so much variety comes enormous popularity. The competition to join SAPS is fiercer than ever before, and this means that candidates will need to be at the top of their game. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the South African Police selection process, and highlight the types of tests you’ll be likely to face.

Australian Wildfires: How To Donate And Help Today

firefighter careers

If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ll be aware of the Australian wildfires. Although fires are commonplace in Australia, with the searing heat, the current crop are the worst in decades, and enormous swathes of the country have been devastated by the flames. Australia is currently experiencing one of the most severe droughts in […]

UK Civil Service Jobs Guide – Part 4: Find Your Perfect Career

UK Civil Service jobs are easy to find - if you're skilled enough!

From public service roles to engineering, there’s a job for every person in the Civil Service, whatever your interests or skillset. In the second part of this Civil Service guide, we’ll be looking at some more departments and what they do – to help identify which are the perfect civil service careers for you!