Australian Train Driver Interview Tips – Research

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips

As you can imagine, in the build up to the interview you will need to carry out plenty of research. Research that is, in relation to the role of a Trainee Train Driver and also the Train Operating Company that you are applying to join. Here are some areas and Australian Train Driver interview tips for improving your research skills.

Job and Person Specification – Australian Train Driver Interview Tips

The job specification is the description and details of the job you’re applying for. This will include details such as responsibilities, working hours, training, and so on. Make sure you’ve brushed up on these before going into the interview.

The person specification is the description of what the TOC is looking for in a candidate. This can include information of core competencies or values or required qualifications. Make sure that you meet all of these, and have examples of how you meet the expectations set by the TOC.

Your Responses to the Application Form Questions

If you’ve answered competency-based questions in your application form, then you will likely be asked to expand on them during your interview. So, if you gave an account of a time you delivered excellent customer service, be ready to speak about it and expand on what you wrote. The best way to prepare for this is to keep a photocopy or another digital copy of your application form, and then read over it before attending your interview.

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips

The Website of the Train Operating Company You are Applying to Join

What is their customer service charter? Do they have a mission statement? What services do they provide? What is their geographical area? How many people work for them? Who is the person in charge? What stations do they operate out of? What trains do they operate? Do they operate any schemes in order to improve customer service? What are the future plans of the TOC?

Try to visit a train station that the TOC operates out of. Speak to some of the staff at the station and ask them questions about the role they perform. Try to find out as much as possible about the TOC you are applying for. If you get the opportunity, speak to a qualified Train Driver who works for the TOC. You may also decide to telephone the TOCs Human Resources department and ask if you can go along to find out a little bit more about their organisation and what they expect from their employees.

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips

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