Ex-Thomas Cook Employees: What Happens Next?

If you are one of the ex-Thomas Cook employees, we can help!

In the last week, the world’s oldest and largest travel group collapsed. The end of Thomas Cook has left holiday plans in tatters, and hundreds of thousands of people stranded in airports and hotels around the world. With the company going bust, approximately twenty-one thousand people have lost their jobs. Obviously, this is a disastrous turn of events, and many people are struggling to know where to turn. In this blog, we’ll give you some quick facts about the situation, and how we can offer support to any ex-Thomas Cook employees who are struggling in the face of losing their job.

Why Did Thomas Cook Go Bust?

The collapse of Thomas Cook was down to a number of factors. In the past few years, the British tour operator struggled, with factors such as online booking sites, changing weather, and the decline of the British pound. Competitors such as Airbnb had a massive impact on the company’s profits, and as a result they accrued billions of pounds of debt. As time has gone on, this debt has become impossible to manage – resulting in the collapse of the firm earlier this week.

This guide is designed for ex-Thomas Cook Employees

How Has This Impacted Holidaymakers?

If you’ve been following the news this week, you’ll have seen the impact that the collapse of Thomas Cook has had on holidaymakers. From airports filled to capacity, to travellers being held hostage in hotels, there’s been no end to the devastation. People are understandably furious, and this has been exasperated by a questionable reparations system, with some holidaymakers being informed that they’ll need to pay even more money just to get back home, along with finding alternative accommodation whilst the mess is sorted out.

Luckily, in the past 24 hours, many passengers have started to receive their money back – through a system known as chargeback.

Ex-Thomas Cook Employees

For the ex-Thomas Cook employees, all of whom have been made redundant, this has been a particularly devastating experience. Twenty-one thousand people have lost their jobs – and unlike the passengers who have been impacted, there is no reparations system in place, since the company has gone bust. Pilots, flight attendants, cabin crew, and other roles, are all searching for new careers now. However, there is still hope…

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