How to introduce yourself

In this blog We will teach you how to introduce yourself in an interview. It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of candidates fail their interview in the first 2 minutes of walking through the door. They don’t create the right impression, they demonstrate poor manners, and they say the wrong thing when answering the first interview question: INTRODUCE YOURSELF.

So, if you have an interview coming up soon for any job or company, keep reading because we promise it will make a huge difference to your performance at your interview.

OK, to teach you in the fastest time possible HOW TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF in a job interview, we will cover the following 3 things:

#1. We will tell you the 4 things you must do right at the very start of your job interview to impress the hiring manager and get your interview off to a positive start.

 #2. We will then tell you the BEST STRUCTURE TO USE when introducing yourself in an interview. This ‘3 STEP-STRUCTURE’ is very easy to remember, and you’ll be glad you learned it.

 #3. We will then give you a sample answer to the interview question introduce yourself!

4 things you must do right at the very start of your job interview to impress the hiring manager

#1 Make sure you KNOCK before entering the interview room. Everything you do at the start of your interview should be focused on demonstrating good manners.

 #2. When you walk into the interview room, say this…

 “Hello, pleased to meet you, my name is…”

#3. Before you sit down, offer each interviewer a firm handshake. While shaking their hand, look them in the eye, and smile.

#4. Do not sit down in the interview chair until invited to do so.

All of these things help to demonstrate you have good manners, are considerate, and will be a great fit for their team.

The BEST STRUCTURE TO USE when introducing yourself in an interview

The best 3-step structure to use when introducing yourself in a job interview is PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE.

You start by briefly talking about the PAST and what you have done to develop the skills, qualities, qualifications and knowledge to excel in the position. This can include details about your education, work experience, or previous job roles.

Next, you talk about the PRESENT – in this part of your introduction, tell the interviewer what you can bring to their company.

Finally, talk about the FUTURE and what you PLAN TO DO in the role if they hire you.

So, to confirm, a great easy-to-remember structure to use when introducing yourself at the start of your job interview is: PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE.

Introduce Yourself – EXAMPLE ANSWER

“Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this job with your company. Before applying for the position, I studied the job description, and my PAST has prepared me well for the role. I left college with qualifications that are an excellent match for this industry. I also have a track record of achievement. For example, I won employee of the month twice in my last job. My PRESENT skills will complement your team perfectly. I will bring a positive attitude, a determination to complete tasks quickly, and a passion for continuous improvement and development. If you hire me, I plan to help your company achieve success long into the FUTURE. I will be a great role model for the company, a supportive collaborator, and someone who takes ownership of challenges and problems when they occur. I look forward to providing more details during this interview as to how I can help you achieve your commercial and financial goals.”

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