How To Write A CV (With No Experience!)

How To Write A CV (With No Experience!)

In this blog, we will give you several very important tips for writing and structuring a CV if you have no previous work experience as well as 10 powerful sentences to include. On to of this, we will give you an example fully scripted personal statment to use on your CV if you have no experience!


TIP #1 – Keep your CV to just two sides of A4. This is important if you want to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Keep your CV to the point, relevant, and succinct if you want it to be successful. Remember, the hiring manager has many CVs to assess, so it is important yours is punchy, positive, and applicable to the position you have applied for.

 TIP #2 – When structuring your CV if you have no experience, only include the following 6 sections:


Within this first section of your CV, include your full name, home address, contact telephone number, and email. If your contact telephone number is your mobile, make sure you have a professional sounding answerphone message.


Your personal statement is the first thing the hiring manager will read about you and your suitability for the position. Keep your personal statement positive, sell yourself, and focus on what you will do for their company if they hire you.


In section 3, include details of the schools, colleges or universities you attended in chronological order. Chronological order is the schools or colleges you attended, from first to last. Also, in this section of your CV, include the subjects studied and academic qualifications or grades you achieved.


In this next section of your CV, include details of any work or relevant experience you have gained. This can include part-time jobs, jobs you have undertaken on a regular basis at home, societies or groups you have been a part of, and even sporting teams you have been in.


In this next section of your CV, include any significant achievements you have gained in your life so far. This can be team event achievements including trophies or awards won, charity or sponsored events you have completed, or even inclusion in a student-related publication. If you can include one or more significant achievements in your CV, it tells the hiring manager that you have a track record of success which you can easily replicate in the workplace.


In this final part of your CV, make sure you include the contact details of one or two references – a reference is a person the hiring manager can contact to verify who you are, and confirm that you are a good person who will be able to add value to their company in the role. Some people put the words ‘REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST’ in this section of the CV, but this will not help your chances.

Good references include former teachers, work experience managers, or even family friends or acquaintances who have jobs of interest including doctors, solicitors and other good standing careers. Make sure you contact the reference for their permission before including them on your CV.

TIP #3 –  When writing your CV, make sure it is readable and free from spelling or grammar errors. If there are any errors in your CV, it will get rejected because it demonstrates a lack of attention to detail.

 TIP #4 –  It is absolutely vital that you include powerful words and phrases in your CV. Because you have no previous work experience, you have to sell yourself  using great words that demonstrate you are positive, forward-thinking, and you genuinely want to help their business or organisation succeed in the role you will occupy.


POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #1 – “I am industrious, diligent, hard-working and I will ensure I quickly add value to your team in this position if you hire me.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #2 – “I will always take ownership of my ongoing professional development to ensure you see a positive return on your investment.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #3 – “I am a fast learner which means you won’t have to spend your valuable time closely supervising or monitoring me.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #4 – “Although I do not have any work experience yet, I more than make up for this with my enthusiastic nature, my positive attitude, and my willingness to learn from others.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #5 – “During my education, I learned the importance of making sure I prioritised my studies, supported other students, and completed everything on time and to the right standard. The transferrable skills I acquired during my studies are ones that I will take forward into the workplace.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #6 – “I am a resilient, confident, and determined person who will always act as a positive role model for your organisation in this position.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #7. “I consider myself to be a hard-working, self-motivated, and trustworthy person. I am a flexible and adaptable individual who works well both in a team environment as well as on my own initiative.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #8. “I am commercially-aware, which means I understand how important it is to help my employer grow, improve, save money, and maintain its position as a market leader.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #9. “Because I am new to the working environment, I am effectively a blank canvas, which means you can train me up to be a productive, and high-performing member of your team.”

POWERFUL CV SENTENCE #10. “I have a genuine desire to learn as much as possible which means I will always be willing to carry out duties that are outside of my job description.”


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this position. I would describe myself as a hard-working, conscientious, positive, and industrious person who is keen to start work in a productive team environment.

During my studies, I learned the importance of being disciplined, completing my work on time and to a high standard, and supporting other students in their work. Outside of work I keep myself fit and active and I have a passion for self-development through reading non-fiction books and studying online training courses.

My skills and qualities are a strong match for the job description. The fact that I am new to this working environment means you will be hiring a very passionate and dedicated worker, and someone who can bring new and fresh ideas to the team that will ensure your company maintains its position as a market leader.”

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