Kent Test Results Day 2018 – What Comes Next?

Kent Test Results Day 2018

Kent Test results day 2018 was Thursday, 11th October. If your child sat the Kent Test back in September, then you will have received their results on Thursday. These results will have been sent via email, and if you have a Kent County Council account you can log in and see your child’s results at the following link:

Once you have your child’s Kent Test results, it’s time to figure out what comes next for you and your child after Kent Test Results Day 2018. So, let’s take a look at a road-map of the rest of your child’s journey to enrolling and starting at the school of their choice!

Your Child’s Scores Explained – Kent Test Results Day 2018

In total, your child will receive four different scores for the Kent Test: one for Maths, one for English, and one for Reasoning. An aggregate of these three scores is the fourth result. These scores will then be used by the grammar schools that your child has applied for to decide who will enrol. In order to be considered for a place at a grammar school, your child must score at least 323 marks in total (on their fourth score). In addition, your child must score no lower than 107 marks in each test.

What if My Child Didn’t Score 323 Marks? – Kent Test Results Day 2018

If your child achieved less than the required 323 marks, don’t panic. You have the opportunity to organise with your child’s primary school to have the case examined by the Head Teacher Assessment Panel. This panel will examine your child’s academic performance, as well as the English writing exercise that your child completed during the 11+.

Can I Appeal? – Kent Test Results Day 2019

If the Head Teacher panel decides that your child has not passed the Kent Test, and your child did not receive the minimum marks required to pass, fear not. Appeals are still possible, but you will have to wait until 1st March 2019. This is the date when your child will find out which school’s they have been enrolled at based on their choices. Once you receive this information, you can make an appeal to the grammar school that you would like your child to enrol at.

If you want more guidance on passing the Kent Test, check out our workbook: Kent Test Practice Papers.

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