Top Careers In Demand: Jobseeker’s Guide 2016

careers in demand include software engineering and medical assistants

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for a new career! 2016 brings with it a range of new career opportunities, all exciting in their own unique way. The question is, what careers have the most potential, and what jobs should you be on the lookout for? In this blog, we’ll show you the top careers in demand for 2016.

Biomedical Engineers

What it’s all about: The first career on our list is Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineers are responsible for developing innovative new solutions to ongoing problems in modern medical care. Society today places huge importance on preserving and improving the lives of global citizens, and that is why Biomedical Engineers are essential. In the next 10 years, demand for Biomedical Engineers is expected to rise by at least 25%. This is one career that’s on the rise!

Fitness Trainers

What it’s all about: In keeping with the health and preservation theme, the next career on our list is all about fitness. Today’s health conscious society has a greater need for fitness trainers than in the past, and this shows no sign of slowing down! In fact, the demand for Fitness Trainers is expected to rise by up to 30% in the next 5 years. This is an incredible increase in such a short space of time, and makes Fitness Training one of the biggest careers in demand.

Home Care Aides

What it’s all about: With the world’s population on a steady increase, and the advancement of medicine, people these days are living longer than ever before. This means that there is an increasing demand for home care aides, as older citizens pass into their final years. In the USA, statistics suggest that demand for home care aides could increase by almost 50% in the next 6 years!

Survey Researchers

What it’s all about: The modern business world is steadily becoming more and more and science orientated in its approach, and has become increasingly reliant on data collected from surveys and research. What this means is that there is a demand for people who are able to analyse this data, and produce good business solutions based on the results. By the early 2020’s, demand for this career is expected to increase by at least 18%, making it an extremely worthwhile career option!

careers in demand business charts

Environmental Engineeers

What it’s all about: With environmental problems at the forefront of the world’s mind, it makes perfect sense to jump on the green train while you still have the chance. Working within the environmental spectrum will provide you with a huge range of opportunities, both now and in the future. As issues such as global warming start to have an impact on the planet, the need for environmental engineers will rapidly increase. The careers in demand in this field are expected to grow by at least 15% in the next 10 years, but this figure is likely to be higher.

Medical Assistants

What it’s all about: Working within the medical industry has always been a great choice of profession, and one of the top careers in demand, although it certainly isn’t glamorous. At the time of writing, medical assistant positions are hugely understaffed, meaning that there are a great number of vacancies available. By the early 2020’s, the demand for this career is set to grow by at least 30%.

Web Design

What it’s all about: With the incredible improvement in technology within the last decade, it stands to reason that web design is one of the top careers in demand. Look at it this way – the majority of people now spend most of their time on the internet. As a web designer, you have the chance to shape these people’s experience of the internet itself. Web design covers a huge range of different internet platforms, including social media and SEO specialists. As technology grows, so will the demand for skilled web designers, and that is why you NEED to make a start in this career immediately.

Software Developers

What it’s all about: Software development is the undisputed king of careers in demand. With the incredible improvement of technology, the demand for software developers has never been higher, and this is only going to increase in the next ten years. The modern world has applications and software for a whole range of things that we would never have thought possible, such as measuring calories, driving, sleep patterns and more. The boom of the mobile device industry means that there is no end in sight to the demand for software development specialists. So what are you waiting for? Start living the future, right now!

software development is a high priority career in demand