How to Join the Civil Service

how to become a civil servant

In order to ensure that UK Civil Service employees are operating to the best possible standards, the Civil Service has introduced a comprehensive and detailed behavioural framework, which is designed to assess candidates for the Civil Service against a set of specific behavioural criteria and expectations.

The 999 Call Handler Audio Typing Test

999 call handler audio tests

If you are applying to become a Police Communications Officer or 999 Call Handler, you will have to undergo a number of challenging assessments which assess your ability to gather the required information, while remaining calm under pressure in a number of true-to-life stressful simulations. Let’s start by looking at what an audio typing test […]

How To Use Commas

How2Become How to Use a Comma

A comma is often used to distinguish main clauses from secondary or subordinate clauses. Commas are frequently misused and therefore you shouldn’t use them unless you are sure that they’re appropriate. Instead, resort to employing full stops if you aren’t sure whether a comma would be correct. If part of a text feels complete, or contains a subject and verb, it is safe to define it with […]

13 Tough Prison Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Prison Officer Mock Interview Questions and Answers

It is common knowledge that the prison officer interview is extremely tough. Candidates are required to demonstrate more than just the skills and qualities needed to be a prison officer – they must also demonstrate that they match the prison service’s competencies and values. In this blog, we will look at the 13 toughest prison […]

13 Tough Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers


The firefighter interview is well recognised as being extremely challenging. Candidates not only have to demonstrate that they have the skills and qualities needed to be a firefighter, but they must also demonstrate that they match the fire service’s competencies and values – also known as the PQAs.

3 Career Change Ideas – How and When to Change Careers

New Jobs To Retrain In No Experience

Are you currently thinking of a career change? This is a thought process which many go through on a regular basis and it can be a daunting experience. In this blog we are going to explore the reasoning behind changing your career, look at how to change your career and some possible roles you may want to consider for your career change. We will also explain what you must take into account before deciding to change your career.

How To Use Apostrophes

How2Become When Should I Use an Apostrophe

Apostrophes are used to indicate whether a word is possessive (the subject belongs to someone) or to indicate a contraction (shortened speech). In order to demonstrate that the subject is owned or belongs to a single person, we add an apostrophe before the s in the word. For example: ‘Samantha borrowed Frankie’s football.’