Australian Police Tests – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Attending an assessment centre is often part of the selection process, particularly if you are planning to apply to the AFP. So, if you must attend an assessment centre, prepare yourself for a long day by getting plenty of sleep the night before. So, take good care of your health beforehand as well.

Be sure to get everything ready the day before you must leave to attend the assessment centre. You will be given a complete list of items to bring with you. This might include different documents and different types of clothing. So, prepare in advance and double-check everything on your list to ensure that you do not forget anything. It will reduce your initial stress level. Do not bring anything listed as “prohibited” to the test site with you.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Assessment Centre Techniques – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

A number of assessment techniques will be presented in a structured combination that allows for fairly quick, yet completely comprehensive assessment of each candidate. During the assessment process, you will very likely be interviewed. You’ll also participate in written exercises. You may also participate in group discussions, along with individual presentations and psychological testing.

Once the assessment centre process has been completed, you will be advised of whether you are progressing to the next stage or not. If you are unsuccessful at assessment centre testing, you may re-apply during the next intake period.

Whether you attend an assessment day or an assessment centre, or if your tests take place over a more extended period of time, it is very important to remember to relax, breathe easy, and just be the very best version of “you” that you can be. The tests are specifically designed to physically, mentally, and emotionally elevate your stress levels so that officials can select the candidates who are best suited for the job of police officer. Reminding yourself of this fact can be helpful, and so can the following tips for each type of test.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Passing Written Tests – Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

There are several ways to increase your chances of passing written police aptitude tests. So, the first and most important step is to find out what type of questions will be included on the test you are going to take. Most police departments provide specific information regarding what is on each section of every test. While they do not give hints about the exact questions that will be asked, they do provide quality samples that you can use to mentally prepare yourself.

For example, Victoria’s Written Police Entrance Examination (PEE) consists of five separate types of tests:

  • Language Comprehension and Spelling;
  • English Skills;
  • Writing;
  • Reasoning Ability;
  • Mathematics.

The South Australia Police Entry Exam is slightly different, consisting of six tests:

  • Verbal Reasoning Ability;
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning Ability;
  • Grammatical Knowledge;
  • Reading Comprehension;
  • Written Questions;
  • Spelling.

If the police department that you are applying to has a website, you can probably find and download a few sample questions there. Some dedicated applicants find that taking police exam preparation courses is extremely helpful. The majority of these people tend to do very well on the written portions of the exams. Of course, it is important to prepare for other types of testing as well since, in the end, you will be evaluated on merit of all the tests you took.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Conclusion – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

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