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Are you applying to join Police Scotland? In this article we will take a look at how you can ensure you pass your Police Scotland Application Form!

Here is what we will cover:

  1. A list of Scottish Police application form questions to prepare for.
  2. Sample ANSWERS to those questions to help you SUCCEED.
  3. Essential tips for submitting a successful Police Scotland application.

Let’s take a look at the first application form question, which is the PERSONAL STATEMENT:

Q. Can you please write a PERSONAL STATEMENT which relates to your application to become a police officer?

On your application form, the PERSONAL STATEMENT is usually phrased in a similar manner to the following question:

Q. Can you please write a personal statement which relates to your application to become a police officer?

TIP: This question is examining your motivations for wanting to become a police officer, your knowledge of the role, and if your values and skills match the organisation’s. 

When structuring the response, I suggest the following format:

  • Why you want to become a police officer;
  • What you can bring to the role and why you think you would make a competent police officer, match the competencies and values;
  • What it would mean to you to be successful in your application.

Example answer:

“My interest in the Scottish Police Service started from a very early age, as my uncle, who I looked up to, was a police officer and he passed down the values of the Service to me. As such, there are several reasons for why I feel I could become a competent police officer.

Firstly, I have huge admiration for the way in which members of the Police Service behave on a day-to-day basis. Police Officers provide a highly professional service to the public, and as such command a huge level of respect in the community. 

Police Officers are role models in society, and need to set a great example to everyone. The professionalism and code of conduct that the Police operate under is extremely appealing to me. I am someone who tries to behave with moral integrity at all times, and I strongly believe in taking a professional approach to every scenario that I encounter.

Professionalism means being polite, considerate, fair and unbiased to everyone you meet. I believe in treating others as you would wish to be treated, and therefore professionalism is very important to me. 

When working in my previous job as a customer service assistant, I was often required to deal with unhappy or disgruntled members of the public. I always made sure that I approached every situation with professionalism and integrity, in order to ensure that I met the demands of the customer. 

I am someone who feels very strongly about the value of serving the public. The number one priority of the Police Service is to provide protection and safety to the general public, through the prevention of criminal activities. As such, public service is integral to good police work, and its impact upon the community cannot be overstated. 

Good public service means that you are someone who is able to interact with different members of the community, understand the varying needs of different communities and use this knowledge as the basis for your police work.

I am extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of working as part of a police unit, or team. One of the most refreshing things I learned from my research prior to application, was the importance of teamwork for the Police Service. 

Finally, I strongly believe I have the required skills and values to provide a professional and competent service to the community and if successful become a loyal, long serving officer with Police Scotland.”

Q. At Police Scotland we have many values that form the backbone of our service. These are Fairness, Integrity, Respect and Human rights. What are your values, and how do you demonstrate these in your life?

TIP: This question is all about how you currently align yourself with the values of Police Scotland. 

Within your response you must be able to demonstrate that you live by and share the values of the organisation. 

Police Officers have to operate naturally to these values and failure to demonstrate these in your response will likely lose you serious marks with the assessors. 

Example answer:

“I believe that is vital to live and work by values which I demonstrate throughout my personal and professional life. I would say that I always treat others with a mutual respect as I would expect to be treated myself.  

In my current role as an IT support administrator, I come in contact with a diverse range of people from different communities and countries, even though diverse in their needs, all require the same level of support and advice. 

I am also a calm and thoughtful when dealing with frustrated clients and take into account the needs of the group or individuals in a fair and professional manner even when faced with angry or abusive clients.

Due to my professional and outgoing manner, I have a number of clients who ask for my support even though other members of the support team are available. 

This I believe is down to my consistency and commitment to ensure each client receives the same level of service, integrity and respect. I truly believe that I am the kind of person, who goes out of their way to help others and treat everyone with mutual respect, as equals and without discrimination.”


In preparation for your Police Scotland application, we also recommend you prepare answers to the following questions:

Q. Can you please describe your personal development history and how this has helped make you who you are today? You could include educational, work or other experience from your personal life.

Q. The role of a police officer requires candidates to have a good level of physical and mental health, to deal with the diverse range of challenges you will deal with on a day-to-day basis. Can you advise what you do to ensure you maintain your fitness and general health and wellbeing?

Q. What preparation have you undertaken before making this application to ensure that you know what to expect and to ensure that you are prepared for the role of Police Officer?

Q. Policing is about ensuring the wellbeing and safety of the public and our communities. Please explain what you would contribute to Police Scotland, to enhance our ability to keep people safe?

Q. Please provide any other information you wish to add in support of your application.

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