Second Interview Questions and Answers: Ace Your Final Interview

Our second interview questions and answers tips will change your career, for the better!

In this video blog post, interview coach and expert Richard McMunn, will provide you with sample Second Interview Questions and Answers!

If you have a second (2nd) interview coming up, watch the following video, study the tips and then consider utilizing the sample answers to beat the competition!

What’s the purpose of a second interview?

The good news is, you are being seriously considered for the position based on your success in the first interview. Your first interview may have been either face-to-face, or perhaps even over the telephone. Regardless of which it was, you are being invited along to the second interview because they are genuinely interested in hiring you.

You will be up against most probably 3-7 other candidates at your second interview, so it is your job to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to do it!

2 important tips for passing your second interview!

  • Read the job description and continually refer to it in your answers.
  • Sell yourself at the second interview and be able to back up your claims.

The following statement is powerful when used in your second interview, and will go a long way to impressing the interview panel:

“I know how important my performance in this role is to the success of your business.”

So, now that we understand what we need to do in order to pass the second (2nd) interview, let’s take a look at the interview questions and suggested answers.

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SECOND INTERVIEW QUESTION #1: Tell me again why we should give the job to you and not someone else?

“First and foremost, my resume is a match for the role. I understand you need someone who is customer-focused, can work hard under pressure, meet strict deadlines and also work closely with other team members and departments within your organization, to achieve the company objectives.

I also have 3 really strong attributes that I feel will help. Firstly, I have an ability to learn quickly, which means I can hit the ground running. You won’t need to waste your invaluable time monitoring my performance because I am reliable and trustworthy. And finally, I am someone who has a track record for achieving results. My job is important to me, and it’s also important to my family stability, which means I am going to work very hard for you and deliver results.”

SECOND INTERVIEW QUESTION #2: If you are successful, what is the first thing you will do in this role to make an impact?

“If I am successful, I already plan to do 3 specific things. These are:

  1. I will gather as much information as possible about the role and the requirements and then study these in my own time. The first day I start working for you, I want to already have a good understanding of the role and what you need me to do.


  1. I will get to know my team and your products and services as soon as possible.


  1. I will set to work on my first important task or project, and then deliver it to the highest standards possible, to show you what I can do and to also repay your trust in my abilities.”
Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

SECOND INTERVIEW QUESTION #3: What applicable experience do you have that will suit this role?

“I have lots of experience that matches the role requirements. I have worked with customers and clients for many years now, both customer and client facing, and also remotely via email communication and telephone. The experience with customers I have means I understand how important they are to your business, and I can be trusted to look after them for you.

Secondly, I have lots of experience being able to find solutions to problems. Because I am a good problem solver, you can trust me to sort out any team issues or problems before you get to find out about them.

 I am also a very strong communicator, and I think carefully about what I say and what I write. Because I will be representing your company and brand through my communication style, it is important that I get it right.

Finally, my previous work experience means I will work hard and diligently under pressure to get the job done. I feel strongly that my skills and experience are a great match for this role.”

SECOND INTERVIEW QUESTION #4: What is it about this job that you are particularly attracted to?

“Apart from having the necessary skills to perform the role to a very high standard, I am actually more attracted to your organization. Whilst studying for both the first and second interviews, I found out a lot about your company, your innovative approach to business and also your values and customer service success rates.

There’s a lot of positivity around your organization online and I feel I want to be part of an organization that is clearly going places.”

Acing the second interview questions and answers, is the key to securing a career.

SECOND INTERVIEW QUESTION #5: We have invited 7 people for a second interview. What makes you stand out from the others?

I can do the work you need me to do, and I can deliver exceptional results. I will fit in seamlessly and be a great addition to your team. 

I have a combination of job description-matching skills and experiences that make me stand out. And I believe hiring me will not only make you look smart, but it will also make your life easier too. I don’t need micro-managing or continually supervising, and I can hit the ground running.”

So, there you have it! Example Second Interview Questions and Answers to help you prepare fully for, and pass, your 2nd interview.

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