TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF? (How to ANSWER this TOUGH Interview Question in 2023!)

tell me about yourself 2023

The interview question, TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF is guaranteed to come up at the start of your interview. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest interview questions to answer, and the one where most candidates fail. Let us start off and give you an example of how NOT to answer the tell me about yourself interview question! Don’t say this…

“Well, my name is Richard and everything you need to know about me is on my CV. I am hard-working and a good team worker, and I think I can do a good job for you!”

 OK, so an answer like that will get you ZERO MARKS at your interview. But, how should you answer it to make the hiring manager sit up and listen?

3 Important Tips For Answering The Question, “Tell Me About Yourself”

TIP #1

The “tell me about yourself” interview question is designed to give you the chance to start talking, relax into the interview, and build a connection with the hiring manager. I recommend practising your answer before your interview for maximum effect. Practise your answer several times in front of a friend, relative, or even a mirror, and your confidence levels will increase significantly.

TIP #2 

Do not go into detail about your personal life or what you enjoy doing outside of work – they are not interested. Keep your answer focused on your skills, achievements, qualifications, and experience.

TIP #3

For answering to the interview question “tell me about yourself” is to use the SEAT structure (S.E.A.T). Begin your answer and tell the interviewer the SKILLS you have that you can bring to the role. Next, tell them the EXPERIENCE or EDUCATIONAL qualifications you have. Then tell them one ACHIEVEMENT you gained so far in your life so far. Your achievement can come from your work or personal life. Finally, finish off your answer and tell them the TYPE of person you are and what you will do for their company if they hire you.


“Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this position. I read the job description before applying, and I am confident I have the SKILLS and QUALITIES to excel in the role. I am a strong COMMUNICATOR, an excellent COLLABORATOR, a focused PROBLEM SOLVER, and COMMERCIALLY AWARE. I have EXPERIENCE in dealing with customers and working on DIFFICULT PROJECTS. In my last role, I found ways to help the company save money by streamlining processes. I am a HIGH-ACHIEVER. For example, I won employee of the month in my last position and completed several training courses that helped diversify and enhance my skills. If you hire me, I will be a great ROLE MODEL for your company, a supportive team worker, and take ownership of my ongoing development, so I am always a valuable member of the organization.”

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