What Are Your Short And Long Term Goals? Interview Question and Answer

What are your short and long term goals? Interview question and answer

‘What are your short and long term goals?’ has to be one of the hardest interview questions to answer! Before you attend your interview, it is really important to have a top-scoring answer already prepared.

In this blog, we will explain why the interviewer is asking you the question because you understand why the question is being asked, you can give the perfect answer. We will also give you three very important tips for answering this interview question as well as 7 examples of brilliant long term goals that will impress any hiring manager! 

Finally, we will share with you 3 top-scoring scripted example answers to the interview question ‘what are your short and long term goals?’.


The interviewer is asking you this tough interview question because those candidates that have a plan in place of what they are going to do both in the short and long term are more likely to be high achievers.

They are also asking you this question because if you say you plan to be working elsewhere in the next year or two, you probably won’t get hired!


TIP #1 – One of your short term goals should be to land a job with their company, and then quickly learn everything you need to know about the role, how your team operates, and the company’s policies and procedures. This short term goal, once achieved, will enable you to start contributing to the company’s objectives.

TIP #2 – One of your long term goals could be to either gain promotion with their company, or gain qualifications or skills in a niche area that would enable you to be the go-to expert for an area of specialism in their company!

TIP #3 – Mention in your answer that you have a personal goal outside of work that you will only achieve if you work hard and do a great job for their company. An example of a personal goal could be to save a deposit to buy your first home, or pay for evening classes where you will learn new skills or gain additional qualifications.


LONG TERM GOAL #1 – To gain leadership experience that will then eventually enable you to become a team leader, supervisor, or manager.

LONG TERM GOAL #2 – To build a great professional network that enables you to achieve your objectives inside of work. The more talented people you meet within your network, the more you will learn from them.

LONG TERM GOAL #3 – To achieve so much at work that your salary increases significantly. There is nothing wrong with being motivated by money, especially if you are working in a sales role.

LONG TERM GOAL #4 – To write professional articles for industry-specific magazines or blogs for websites based on the industry you are working in.

LONG TERM GOAL #5 – To study outside of work and eventually gain a new degree or academic qualification in a subject that will help you to offer their company more in terms of your skills and expertise.

LONG TERM GOAL #6 – To become an expert or thought leader in your industry. This could be achieved by eventually giving talks or presentations to professional bodies or organizations on what you have learned in your job.

LONG TERM GOAL #7 – To become a mentor or coach where you help other people achieve their career goals within their organisation. You could also state that you want to help train up new members of staff as and when they join the company.



‘My two short term goals include first of all getting a job with your company, and then quickly learning the role, getting to know my team, and becoming a productive and reliable member of the organisation. One of my long term goals is to gain leadership experience, preferably within your company. One day, I hope to become a team leader or manager, but I know I will only achieve that goal if I work hard, gain experience and impress my employer. Another one of my long term goals is to buy my first house. Again, this will only happen if I am successful at work and I gain long-term employment with the same company.’


‘One of my short term goals is to run a marathon and raise money for charity. I’ve been training hard to achieve this goal and raising sponsorship, and I believe I will be successful on the day of the marathon which is in a month’s time. My long term goal is to eventually become a coach or a mentor. So, for example, if I am successful and I get hired to work for your company, I would like to get promoted one day and become a manager. This will enable me to coach and mentor new team members as and when they join the organisation.’


‘My short term goal is to become good at public speaking. I’ve always had a fear of giving talks and presentations to people, but this is an area I am keen to develop in and I have been studying books and online training courses to help develop my skills. My long term goal is to gain a degree. It’s something I have always wanted to achieve, and I will study in my spare time. Gaining a degree will improve my communication skills, and it will also increase my knowledge which I hope to use in the workplace to become an expert in my area of specialism.’

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