WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST WEAKNESS? Interview Question: The 6 Best Answers!

What's Your Biggest Weakness?

In this guide, will give you 3 very important tips for answering the interview question, ‘what’s your biggest weakness?’ We will also give you a list of 6 top scoring scripted answers that you can use in your interview!

3 tips for answering the interview question, ‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

TIP #1 Make sure you do actually give a weakness. Do not say you don’t have any weaknesses. Instead, give a weakness that is NOT a match for the job description.

TIP #2 Give a weakness but then tell the interviewer you are aware of it, and you are taking positive steps to improve because this demonstrates SELF-AWARENESS.

TIP #3 Be positive and upbeat in your answer to the interview question ‘what’s your biggest weakness?’. Lots of candidates, because they are talking about their weaknesses, tend to be downbeat and negative in how they speak. The best way to answer this question is, to be honest, positive, and confident!



‘My biggest weakness is the fact I am too patient at times. I give people too much time to complete tasks, when in fact I should be more persuasive and influential to get them to finish things faster so we can then move on to the next project. However, I am aware of this weakness, and I am taking steps to improve by using better interpersonal and communication skills to hurry people up when needed.’


‘My biggest weakness is my inability to say no to people. I am always the first person to say yes whenever someone asks for a volunteer to do additional work. However, moving forward, I need to make sure I assess my capacity to take on the extra responsibilities so as to not hinder the progress of my own work.’


‘My biggest weakness is the fact I am not yet good at public speaking or giving presentations to large groups of people. However, I do want to improve in this area, and if there are any opportunities in this position to give talks or presentations, then I would like to give it a try.’


‘My biggest weakness is the fact I don’t yet have any leadership experience. Although I don’t believe this will affect my ability to perform to a high standard in this role, if there is the chance for me to lead on a team task or project whilst working for your company, then I would like to take advantage of the opportunity.’


‘My biggest weakness is self-criticism. I can be quite hard on myself at times and I tend to overanalyse my performance. However, I am aware of my weakness and I am learning to understand that providing I am continually learning and moving forward as a person that’s the most important thing.’


‘My biggest weakness is the fact I am not very good at sharing responsibility. I like to do things myself but I do appreciate this is not conducive to fast collaborative working. However, I am now aware of my weakness, and I am taking steps to force myself to share responsibilities based on my co-workers’ strengths.’

These are all great answers that will score highly with the hiring manager. You pick which one you think is the strongest!

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