This has been designed to provide assessors with evidence of a candidate’s ability to communicate work-related information clearly and accurately in spoken form.

The rVce has been designed specifically for front-line rail safety-critical personnel, including train drivers.

  • This test itself will assess your ability to communicate verbally safety-critical information.
  • The phrase ‘safety-critical’ is extremely important to the role of a Train Driver.
  • If you cannot demonstrate an ability to adhere to safety policies and procedures, then you will have zero chance of passing not just the rVce test, but also the entire Trainee Train Driver Selection process.


Safety is extremely important within the Rail Industry for the following reasons:

1. The industry requires the operation of complex and dangerous machinery. As a train driver you will be often working alone, and therefore, you will need to be conversant with operating procedures, policies and safety guidelines/practices.

2. The potential for accidents/dangerous incidents in the Rail Industry is higher than that of a normal profession or occupation. Train operating Companies require their staff to operate within set policies and procedures at all times.

3. The Rail Industry, in a nutshell, provides a ‘passenger’ service. Passenger safety is paramount and as a train driver you will have responsibility for your passenger’s safety.

4. If there is an incident whilst you are operating the train, you will be expected to instigate set safety procedures and policies. Part of the role will require you to verbally communicate safety-critical information to the relevant control centre immediately following any incident. The rVce assesses whether or not you have the ability to carry out this task.


  • The candidate listens to an audio tape/CD about a rail incident, and makes notes.
  • The candidate then gives a verbal summary of the incident to an Incident Officer (assessor) together with what needs to be undertaken immediately.
  • With some Train Operating Companies the format may differ slightly whereby candidates are required to listen to a recording of a message left after an incident involving a train.

The candidate is required to make notes while listening to the recording which is played twice. Once the recording is complete the notes are taken away from them. After a short period of time the candidate will then enter an interview room where they will relay the pertinent information from the recording back to the interviewer. The notes that they made are returned to the candidate when they leave the interview room.

  • This exercise compliments the rWce (written). Both exercises include the same audio of the safety incident.
  • In the rVce the candidate is assessed on his/her verbal communication.
  • In the rWce the candidate is assessed on his/her written communication.
  • Candidates are assessed on the quality and accuracy of the verbal communication.

How2Become Ltd is not acting in conjunction with, or associated with, any third party organisation or OPC Assessment Ltd.

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