How to pass the TRAINEE train driver Application Form

The first stage of the ultra-tough train driver selection process, is the application form. This is the stage where the vast majority of candidates fail – and therefore is certainly not something to be overlooked. Our insightful and unique guidebook will help you through the entire Train Driver application form stage. We’ll show you how to construct competency-based answers, utilise keywords and phrases, and show your commitment and dedication to the assessors.

If you’re looking to pass the Train Driver application form, this is the perfect resource!

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tRAIN DRIVER Application form tips

Although you need no formal qualifications when applying for train driving roles, you will need a unique set of skills and attributes, and here are just a few of these:

• Be safety-conscious and able to operate under safety-critical conditions.

• Be responsible for your actions at all times and act with honesty and integrity.

• Follow and adhere to rules, procedures and operational practices.

• An ability to learn and absorb large amounts of job-specific information.

• Be a great communicator and be able to deliver time-sensitive messages to groups of people.

• Be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and different departments within the Train Operating Company network.

• Take responsibility for your own personal and professional development.

• Maintain your own suitable levels of physical and mental fitness.

• Be able to react calmly in an emergency situation.

It is vital you can demonstrate these and other qualities at every stage of the process, so make sure you work hard to demonstrate all of them! In our guidebook, we’ve provided you with a detailed breakdown on how to show these qualities to the assessors!

Trainee Train Driver Application Form


TIP #1

This is a very basic tip, but one that is missed by so many trainee train driver applicants. It is usually the basic and simple things that people miss out on, and as a result, they end up failing. Think about it for a second – if you were assessing trainee train driver application forms to see whether or not an applicant had the skills, qualities and attributes for performing the role competently and professionally, which document would you have by your side? That’s right, you would have the train driver job description and person specification right next to you! Furthermore, you would be on the lookout for “evidence” of how an applicant matches each and every one of the job requirements.

TIP #2

As a fully qualified and operational train driver, you will be responsible for the safety of yourself, your crew, the passengers, and the rolling stock you are operating. On that basis, safety must be at the forefront of everything you do. Driving trains is a safety-critical role. Apart from being assessed against this vital competency during every stage of the selection process, you will need to demonstrate both your awareness of it and your ability to adhere to it during your responses to the application form questions. Safety must always come first, above everything else that you do! Furthermore, those candidates who can provide evidence of where they have worked in a safety-critical role already, and also followed safety rules, procedures, and/or guidelines, will find it easier to pass the application form.

For more ESSENTIAL tips on passing the application form, check out our guide!

learning the personal requirements

In the final section of our book, we will provide you with a list of sample keywords, phrases and sentences that we feel are a close match for the assessable competencies required to become a train driver. You will find these useful in your preparation for completing the train driver application form, as they will give you an idea as to the type of content that is most likely to be appealing to the train operating company assessors.

The critical phrases that you should use in your responses, include:

  • I will always carry out my duties as a train driver safely and with the highest standards of integrity at all times.
  • I am customer-focused and understand how important it is to provide exceptional service to your passengers.
  • I am a strong team worker who will always put the aims and objectives of my employer first.

For more keywords, phrases and essential language techniques, purchase our guide!

Apply to be a Trainee Train Driver


Train driving is a safety-critical role that requires specific skills, qualities and attributes, and you must be honest in your use of these, for obvious reasons. You should remember that, if you say you are good at something on your application form, you will be asked to back those claims up with evidence at the interview. For example, if you write on your application form that you are “totally customer-focused and will always uphold the values and service standards of the company” you will most probably have to provide examples of when you have already demonstrated these claims, during the train driver interview.

Sample practice responses

Our book is jam-packed with sample responses and answers, which you can use as inspiration and examples for your own, unique responses. Below we’ve provided you with a sample of this!

Sample Trainee Train Driver Application Form Question

As the role you’ve applied for means that you’ll be dealing with the safety of our customers and the delivery of our operation, we would like to hear examples of how you have developed your abilities to improve yourself.

This question is assessing your ability to develop your own skills in relation to a job-specific competency. The question tells you that you will be dealing with the safety of their customers and the delivery of their operations. In order to achieve these goals, you will need to continually improve and develop. Think about a time when you have personally developed a particular skill, or attended a training course that helped you to perform to a consistently high standard.

Take a look at the sample response below, and use this as inspiration to craft your own answer!

Sample Response

I currently work as a telecommunications engineer, and I have been doing this job for nine years now. I am very well qualified and can carry out the tasks that form part of my job description both professionally and competently. But, with the introduction of wireless telecommunications, I started to feel a little bit out of my depth. I knew very little about this section of the industry, and decided to ask my line manager for an appraisal. During the appraisal I raised my concerns about my lack of knowledge in this area and she agreed to my request for continuing professional training in this important area. As part of my role, I often have to communicate directly with customers, dealing with their issues and queries. Given that I was learning a variety of new things, I felt that it was my responsibility to make sure that I was fully equipped to help all of our customers out to the best of my ability.

Along with the new training that I would be provided with, I also sought out advice from my line manager on the best way to link my new skills with great customer service. Together, we ran through a plan of action that would allow me to do so. I was soon booked on a training course which was modular in nature and took seven weeks to complete. During the training, I personally ensured that I studied hard, followed the curriculum and checked with the course tutor periodically to assess my performance and act on any feedback they offered. At the end of the training, I received a distinction for my efforts. I now felt more comfortable in my role at work and I also started to apply for different positions within the company, that involved wireless technology. For the last six months I have been working in the wireless telecommunications research department for my company, and have excelled in this new area of expertise.

How we can help you pass the TRAINEE TRAIN DRIVER application form stage on your first attempt…

This book will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the train application form successfully.

  • Richard McMunn, the author of this essential guide, is an application form expert. He has been assessing forms for over 15 years now, and is both knowledgeable and experienced in what makes a good, and a bad, train driver application form.
  • Each stage of this book is easy to follow, and the answers will help you to craft your own responses.
  • Discover incredible language tips and tricks, to get the assessors on your side.
  • Fully worked sample responses and detailed answers, to show you what a good application form response looks like.

There’s simply no other guide like this on the market. We’ve put together the ultimate resource for any person wanting to pass the train driver application form.

Trainee Train Driver Apply

Topics covered in this incredible insiders’ guide

  • Explanations from a train driver application form expert, showing you how to construct competency based responses;
  • A step-by-step guide to using assessor-friendly language and phrasing;
  • A full breakdown of the qualities that you need to show the assessors, and how to do it;
  • Essential tips and tricks, to help you pass the application form at your very first attempt.
  • Expert guidance on what makes a good application, and what doesn’t;
  • Strategies and guidance on how to put yourself ahead of the fierce competition;
  • Essential advice on how to use scenario-based responses to impress the assessors;
  • Fully worked solutions to tough train driver application form questions!

As well as these resources, the guide contains a wide range of INSIDER information which you can use to help prepare for the selection process of becoming a train driver. 

Train Driver Application Form Workbook + Application Form DVD
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How to pass the TRAINEE Train driver Application Form

The train driver application form is the first stage of the train driver selection process. Far too many people underestimate this stage, and don’t take it seriously. Don’t be one of those people! Start preparing now, start preparing early, and give yourself the BEST possible chance of passing!


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Train Driver Application Form Questions and Answers Download

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