10 best questions ot ask in an interview

To help you PASS your job interview at the very first attempt, we will cover the following 3 things during this tutorial.

#1. We will explain why the interviewer is giving you the opportunity to ask some questions of your own – the reason may surprise you!

#2. We will then give you 10 intelligent and smart questions you can ask to impress the hiring manager.

#3. We will tell you how many questions you should ask from that list of 10, and which ones, in our professional opinions, are the strongest.

Why is the interviewer giving you the opportunity to ask questions of your own in the interview?

Well, most people don’t ask any questions in their interview. When the hiring manager say to them, “do you have any questions for us?”, they respond by saying… “No, it’s OK, you covered everything in the interview.” But that is a big mistake!

The reason they are giving you the chance to ask questions of your own is because they want to assess your motivations for wanting the job. If you are only interested in what you stand to gain from working for their company, you probably won’t get hired!

So, for example, if you ask questions about perks of the job, or a holiday you have coming up, and you need time off for it, they won’t be impressed!

Therefore, it is crucial that you ask questions that demonstrate your ability to fit into their company culture and what they are looking for from the ideal candidate!



“What is the first thing you would need me to concentrate on in the position if you hire me?”

This is a brilliant question to ask because it demonstrates agreeableness, and tells the hiring manager you are getting ready to work!


“Can you tell me more about the team I would be a part of in this role?”

One of the qualities a hiring manager will look for is teamwork. Not everyone understands the importance of teamwork, so if you ask this question in your job interview, it demonstrates your eagerness and willingness to collaborate with others.


“What would my success in the role look like in twelve months from now?”

This is a very clever question to ask in a job interview because it tells the hiring manager you want to know what is important to them in terms of productivity and output. This is one of the questions I would always ask in an interview if I were a candidate!


“Will there be any opportunities for training and development in the role?”

One of the most sought-after strengths hiring managers look for is the desire to learn, develop, and improve. This smart question tells the hiring manager you are keen to continue your professional development in the position.


“What’s the best thing about working for this company?”

This is a clever question to ask in a job interview because it is positive, and it gives the interviewer the chance to talk about something THEY are passionate about – the company! It is a ‘feel good’ question that helps further build a connection with the hiring manager!


“What do you expect from team members in this position?”

Again, this smart question demonstrates agreeableness, the fact that you want to please, and your desire to understand what values the organization expects its employees to follow in their day-to-day duties and responsibilities.


“Where do you visualize the company in five years from now?”

This smart question tells the interviewer two things. Number one, you want to stay working there for the long-term, meaning they won’t have to readvertise the post. And number two, you are interested in the development and growth of the organization, as opposed to what you can get from your time while you are employed there.


“What are the next steps in the selection process and when could I contact you to find out the result?”

This question is a good one to ask because it demonstrates a hunger to find out the result, and it also gives you important information about what happens next in the process, and when you will likely hear from them.


“What have past employees done in the position to succeed?”

This is an intelligent question because it tells the hiring manager you are a smart employee who wants to replicate the actions top-performing employees have taken, which will result in success for their company!


“What are the challenges facing the company right now and what could I do to help you overcome them?”

This question demonstrates one thing – that you care about the success of their organization! Hiring managers love this question, and it will go a long way to helping you get hired!


The optimum number of questions to ask in an interview is 3! We wouldn’t ask any more than that because you will then be taking up too much of the interviewer’s time. 3 smart questions are just enough to show you care about their organization and that you want to succeed in the position!

The 3 questions we would ask are:

  1. “What would my success in the role look like in twelve months from now?”
  2. “Can you tell me more about the team of I would be a part of in this role?”
  3. “What’s the best thing about working for this company?”


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