10 Powerful Words For Job Interviews!

10 Powerful Words for Job Interviews!

In this guide, we will give you 10 brilliant powerful words to use in your job interview! These 10 words are guaranteed to resonate positively with all hiring managers. On top of this we will tell you how to use each powerful word to answer the interview questions correctly!


During your interview, tell the interviewer you are a RESULTS DRIVEN person who focuses on getting things done as soon as possible, and helping your employer to be a market leader.

When the interviewer asks you the question, “why should we hire you?”, say this:

You should hire me because I am a RESULTS DRIVEN person who will do all I can in the role to constantly achieve great things, to help your business grow, and to be the market leader!”


Most interview candidates are solely focused on proving to the employer than can help their business grow. However, an important part of being a productive employee is being FRUGAL with supplies and resources. If you are a frugal employee, you will seek ways to help their company save money!

When the interviewer says to you, “describe yourself”, include the following in your answer:

“I would describe myself as a FRUGAL worker who will always look for ways to help you streamline processes and save money with a view to increasing company profits.”


All employers want to hire people that are flexible. If you are flexible, you will be available to help the company at short notice when needed and you will do work that is outside of your job description.

When the interviewer says to you, “what are your greatest strengths?”, say this:

“One of my greatest strengths is my FLEXIBLE approach to work. I will be available to work additional hours when needed and I will willingly carry out duties and tasks that are outside of my job description.”


This is one of those power words I would personally use during every job interview I attend. Industrious means you are hard-working, you will find ways to overcome challenges and problems, and you will be diligent in your duties.

When the interviewer says to you, “what can you bring to the role?”, say this:

“I can bring an INDUSTRIOUS approach to my work which means I will always work hard to ensure you see a positive return on your investment, I will be diligent in my duties, and I will always put the needs of my team first.”


One easy and simple way to quickly build a positive connection with the interviewer is to demonstrate good manners.

Right at the start of the interview when they ask you to “introduce yourself”, say this:

“First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this position with your company today.”


The words ADD VALUE, when used during a job interview, tell the interviewer you understand how important it is to make sure the employer sees a positive return on their investment when they hire you:

When the interviewer says to you, “why should we hire you?”, say this:

“You should hire me because I am confident that I can ADD VALUE in the role. Everything I do in this position will be geared towards making sure you see a positive return on your investment.”


The word PLAN tells the interviewer you already know what you are going to do in the role if they hire you. If you are good at planning and organizing your work, you are far more likely to be a high-achieving and productive member of their team.

When the interviewer says to you, “what makes you stand out from the other candidates?”, say this:

“One of the things that makes me standout is the fact I already have a PLAN in place of what I will do in the role if you hire me. I am a good planner and organizer, and I can easily prioritize tasks based on the needs of my employer.”


If you are the type of person who seizes an OPPORTUNITY whenever it comes your way, it means you are a positive person who wants to improve, develop, and grow.

When the interviewer says to you, “why do you want to work for us?”, say this:

“I want to work for you because I see this job as a brilliant OPPORTUNITY for me to put my skills and qualities to good use, and to work in a positive environment with other like-minded professionals who are all working towards the same objective.”


If a business or organization is going to succeed, it must constantly change and adapt to its customers’ needs. If a business or organization doesn’t change, it will get left behind. However, to be successful, an organization must employee people who are willing to EMBRACE CHANGE with a positive mindset.

When the interviewer says to you, “what makes you unique?”, say this:

“One thing that makes me unique is the fact I always EMBRACE CHANGE with a positive attitude. I understand that for your business to succeed you must change and respond to your customer’s needs. I will always support you in that change and encourage others in my team to do the same.”


All employers want to employ staff who realize the benefits of a diverse team, and they also want to take people on in the role who have DIVERSE qualities and experiences that will compliment their organization.

When the interviewer says to you, “what experience do you have relevant to the position?”, say this:

“I have experience in a variety of different teams and situations. I have worked in customer facing roles, collaborated with external stakeholders, and dealt with challenges and problems on a regular basis. My DIVERSE set of skills, qualities, and experience, I believe, will perfectly compliment your already established team.” 

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